Archer's Tale - Adventures of Rogue Archer

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Archer's Tale - Adventures of Rogue Archer
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Archer's Tale - Adventures of Rogue Archer

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Archer’s Tale from Babil Games is an action RPG game featuring randomly generated dungeons levels to battle through.

You will battle your way though countless levels in the increasingly difficult areas of the game to earn items and upgrades to improve your characters as well as choose skills as you progress.

Hints and tips for Archer's Tale

The game play itself is a very simple mechanic. Move around the screen to avoid incoming attacks and stop moving to return fire on the enemies. When all enemies in the area are defeated you can move onto the next.

Take your Time

The game levels do not have time limits and the only way to fail is to die so remember to keep moving to avoid attacks. It doesn't matter how long you take to kill the enemies as long as you stay alive. And you will want to retain as much health as possible to let you stay alive through further levels.

Keep an eye out for the treasure levels that appear from time to time as an option to enter. These will usually let you grain some health, only skip them if you don't need to heal.


As you progress through each dungeon you will earn skills to use (for that run through) and you will get random choices to pick from. They are all useful but ones that help you slow enemies or recover health are very useful for increasing your chances of surviving to the end of the dungeon and unlocking the next. Skills that increase your firepower especially extra shots and ricochet skills will help you damage more enemies much faster.

Each time you play you will get different skill options so try them all and see what works for you.


It wont take long for you to unlock your first helper. Tap to the right of the play button to unlock / activate / select your helper as an extra attacker in the battles. Make sure to pick and upgrade your helpers as needed to make the most of them.


Likewise you will also collect equipment items as you play and will be able to upgrade them. Head to the inventory (Blue icon at the bottom) to change and upgrade your items.

If you have any questions for playing Archer's Tale please head to the Answers Page to ask there.


Archer's Tale - Adventures of Rogue Archer FAQs

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What are the best skills to choose?

All the skills are useful and you will get different choices each time. Skill like vampiric which restores your health and the skill to shoot through walls are very useful to help you survive better.

How do you get helpers?

You collect fragments to unlock the helpers while playing. On the main map screen you will see your helper to the right of the Play button or a ? if you don't have one yet. Tap this to select the helper. If you have enough fragments you can unlock a helper. You can also upgrade them.

How many levels are there in Archer's Tale?

There are currently 6 areas to battle in with more coming soon. Each area has 30-50 levels.

What happens if your helper dies?

When your helper dies they will respawn again but after a timeout of 1 minute.

How long do you keep the skills that you get while playing for?

The skills remain while you are in that dungeon. When you complete it or die you will then start the next area with no skills until you collect them again.

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Archer's Tale - Adventures of Rogue Archer Reviews

The Archer's Tale is a simple story but well told
The Archer's Tale is a simple story but well told
Archer's Tale is an easy to play basic dungeon crawling RPG. You take control of the Archer and work your way through levels of each area upgrading your skills as you go to ..Read full review
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