Yokai Tamer-Free 150x Draw

Yokai Tamer (June 2023)

by vhaysteUpdated: Jan 25th 2022

All of the redeem codes for Yokai Tamer-Free 150x Draw are below. While they are still valid, you can use these codes to redeem some free stuff for this game. Make sure to use them before they expire. Check back at a later date to see if more Yokai Tamer-Free 150x Draw codes have been released. We test all codes when we publish them on our website.

Yokai Tamer (June 2023)

“Yokai Tamer” is a super popular Japanese style MMOARPG mobile game that has a very competitive playing style and beautiful Japanese art style, featuring hundreds of popular Japanese voice actor/actresses. Yokai Tamer boasts an original fantasy story, giving you a pleasant experience while playing the game.

As the game has exciting gameplay, gorgeous art style and a strong team of voice actors, it received a very good rating from the players when the game was released in Japan. The game was set on a fantasy background, it was said in the legend that when the twilight falls, it is also the crossing point of Yin and Yang, the demons and Shikigamis have been released into the human world, so the Onmyojis that protect the land will repel the invading demons by controlling the spirits, protecting the peace of the world!

The game also features a baby system that allows you to foster your own baby with your loved one, and watch the baby change appearance as they level up! You can even bring them along your adventure and battle once they have grown up!

Yokai Tamer-Free 150x Draw Codes

Here are the current latest working redeem codes for Yokai Tamer-Free 150x Draw. Redeem them before they expire to get the corresponding rewards.

After checking, it seems that there are currently no active codes for the game. The latest working code we have found has expired on January 23, 2022. Please do come back later as we try to update our page about newly released redeem codes.

Expired Yokai Tamer-Free 150x Draw Codes

The following codes no longer work for this game.






















Yokai Tamer-Free 150x Draw

How to Redeem Yokai Tamer-Free 150x Draw Codes

To redeem these codes for Yokai Tamer-Free 150x Draw, please follow these steps:

1. From the main screen, tap the "<" arrow on the upper-right corner

2. Tap Benefits button

3. In the Benefits screen, tap the Redeem button in the lower-right.

4. Enter the codes then press claim to instantly receive the rewards.

If the codes are still valid and have not yet expired, you should get the corresponding reward as detailed above.


How to get more codes for Yokai Tamer-Free 150x Draw

Please return to this page another day to check for the latest codes for this game as well as looking at the complete list of all of the released codes for this game in case you have missed any. Codes for Yokai Tamer-Free 150x Draw could be released by the developers on a number of social channels, you can also follow those to stay ahead and grab the codes as soon as we do. The social channels that we follow in relation to this game are:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EyouYT/

Discord : https://discord.gg/DBTK5tUW

Website : http://yokaitamer.eyougame.com/

As well as being a great way to get codes when they are released, these are also good locations to stay informed about the latest game updates, to get help with the game, and to chat with other players.

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