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Review by GuestJul 11th 2024

I love it. I've been playing for a couple years. My only complaint is; transferring my account/gameplay from Android to iPhone is impossible so far. I can't just lose 2 years of progress and hundreds of dollars I've spent, down the drain.

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Review by GuestAug 28th 2023

1 star as development team of Wingfighter have been nerfing the game heavily over the last 2 years, weapons, ships, power reduction. Added MINELAYER and mini mines that will stop most players progressing in game for months at a time. Not suitable for minors in world chat as there's constant abusive language which is not monitored. Massive power drainage on your phone battery. Avoid paying real cash as it doesn't work as you need the main pilots which cannot be bought to progress in game, they have to be collected free on a hourly basis and will still take over a year to complete

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Review by GuestMay 29th 2023

I spent a lot of money and they don't take care of the game. They don't care about their customers

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