Used Car Dealer Game

Used Car Dealer Game

Version: 1.9.1 | $0.99 - $99.99 per item

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Used Car Dealer is yet another new spin on the idle game genre. The idea of the game is that you operate a USed Car Dealership and buy and sell cards in it. You can hire people to help with acquisitions and sales and everything is upgradable.

As you play through the game more cars and other things are unlocked.

Here are some Used Car Dealer Tips to help you become a Used Car Dealer legend in no time at all!

Used Car Dealer Tips

1. Watch the Investment Ads
The game offers a set of rewards for watching numerous video ads, it's a really easy way to get a lot of useful stuff to get rich quick in the game.

2. Upgrade quickly
Keep your eye out for anything that can be upgraded and keep upgrading things, it all helps as.

Upgrade Everything

3. Watch the money icon ads
There is a money icon that will appear at some point in the game and offer you the chance to get a load of in-game cash in return for watching 6 ads. It's a great way to get a large cash boost in the game.

Watch the ads for in-game goodies

4. Sponsor ads
From time to time, a golden car appears in the car lot, this is a Sponsor's car, and it will offer you a chunk of cash in return for watching a video ads.

5. Check the Daily Rewards
Towards the top of the game screen is the calendar, this is the Daily Rewards Icon, and as the name suggests, it will give you a reward in exchange for watching a video ad. The rewards usually get better each day, until you get to day 7.

So the main takeaway from the Used Car Dealer tips above is that watching ads will give you a massive boost in the game, especially early on. You then need to upgrade everything you can... Hire as many Sales people as you can, increase your number of available lots and unlock the sidelines for extra cash.

Used Car Dealer is a fun game to play, and a nice take on the idle game genre.

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Can be addicting but its way to easy to beat everything! Helicopter landing area and no Helicopter? Game needs updated and it needs real competition to who has the most money!
0.7 / 5.0

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