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More than Two Dots

TwoDots from PlayDots Inc. is a modern looking but simple puzzle game. It is a sequel to the extremely popular 'Dots' and has a similar look and feel but a new play style.

The game features 185 levels (so far) of increasingly difficult puzzle layouts and challenges to find the best way to clear different sets of dots by connecting them together. This sounds mundane but it is a challenge to find the right way and as the difficulty increases it's certainly not boring.

The best thing of course is that it is free. And thankfully free of in game adverts. The costs come as in game purchases that will help you progress through the levels and earn lives. There have been many comments posted that the game doesn't let you pass many levels without requiring you to buy lives and powerups to get through them. But this is not true. With patience, skill, and sometimes luck ou can get to the end with no cost.

There are tutorials included with give a very basic run though of the play options. It a good idea to try these and check them again if you are not progressing as he tricks shown are the only way to get through some levels. Other than these there is little in the way of instructions.

All levels can be replayed to improve you score and this is encouraged with the facebook hookup to let you compete with your friends to see how many levels you can get through and your scores.

As mentioned the game is simply designed with clean graphics. And the music / sound effect are simple but effective. The sound can be turned off of course and the coloured dots can have icons added to help with colour blindness.

I have enjoyed playing this game, its simple yet with a good attempt at being quirky. Perhaps it not quite different enough to keep me returning indefinitely. But I will be hoping for more levels in the future. As far as the costs go. It is my prefered way to play games. Free to play, with optional costs that you can take or leave depending on how much you enjoy the game want to keep playing.

If you like puzzles, the game is worth a try. With no upfront costs it is worth it. You may not be overly excited by it but it will keep you interested if you like a challenge.
3.9 / 5.0
review by Mark | Nov 23rd 2014

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Review by GuestJan 8th 2015
I like this game, but some levels are very hard. You need a lot of luck in some cases to complete a level as the random colours of new dots dropping in will make it easier or harder and in some cases only a lucky set of drops will let you win. I still enjoy it though as its a good challenge.
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