Trivia Survival 100

Trivia Survival 100

Version: 3.1.8 | Digital Purchases

Solve trivia questions on the run!
1 vs. 100!
Be the last survivor!

Choose between true or false in 5 seconds!

Those who chose the correct answer survive!
Those who are wrong are punished!

You can switch answers freely within the given time.
Better trust your instincts!

Solve trivia questions to level up from a "Kindergardener" to "God"!
Collect our fun and unique characters!

Learn fun facts
Addictive and Unique Trivia Game!

Nerve-wracking! Thrilling!
Don't stop until you're the last one standing!
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Latest Review:
The game is fun and easy to play. A few things that people tend to get upset about are the typos within the game. And the lack of updates for new backgrounds and characters. However, the developer has made some strides forward with listening to fans request. The last update included if you won a character ..
4.0 / 5.0

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