Trivia Roulette: Drinking Game [AD-FREE]

Trivia Roulette: Drinking Game [AD-FREE]

Version: 1.0.1 | Dovora Interactive

This is the ad-free version of Trivia Roulette: Drinking Game which is a party drinking game with over a thousand trivia questions that you can play completely offline. Supports a minimum of two players, but can be played by up to twelve players.

Drinking game trivia roulette questions range from easy to very difficult in over 20 different trivia categories. Add your party members to the game and start playing. The first player gets to roll the roulette wheel which will select a player. The selected player gets to answer a trivia question, if the answer is incorrect the player has to drink a certain amount based on the difficulty of the question asked. Once done, the player gets to roll the roulette wheel which will select a player, and so on.

Trivia Roulette: Drinking Game will serve questions from the following categories:
Animal Kingdom, Business and Finance, Celebrities, Computer and Software, Food and Drink, Games, General Knowledge, Geography and The World, History and Arts, Humans and Medicin, Language and Culture, Literature, Math, Movies and TV, Music and Musicians, Mythology, Politics, Religion, Science, Sports, Universe.

Do you need a drinking game for your party, your frat or simply test how stupid your friends become after a couple of shots? Trivia Roulette: Drinking Game is the party game for you!

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