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Tricky Castle

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Tricky castle is a well designed platform style escape game that offers a serious challenge to your deduction and your agility.

The spooky castle that you must work your way though is full of traps, ghosts, bats and stars and many, many ways to die.

Featuring 120 levels each with a wide range of obstacles to overcome, puzzles to solve or traps and enemies to avoid. You will need to use your intelligence, timing and patience to complete them all.

Hints and Tips

Read the clues to get ahead. In many levels the game will tell or tease clues to let you know what to do. These won't always be obvious but are usually the solution.

Controls: there are simple movement controls in the game but do not just rely on these. On some levels you can move objects and change aspects of the rooms by tapping or swiping so if you are stuck give it a go.

In some levels timing and jumping accurately are essential to making it to the end. As the game gets harder you will get plenty of practice but patience will be your friend here.

Some levels will ask you to investigate the rooms over and over to find the correct path and avoid often hidden traps. You will need to concentrate and remember sequences. Make a note of your progress on paper if you find it hard to recall all the right moves.

This game looks fun and is fun but will take time and patience to complete. Take your time and try everything. Remember you can always watch a video for free hints in the game.

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