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Train Taxi

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Train Taxi from SayGames is a puzzle based game where you have to navigate your ever-growing train collecting all of the passengers, without your train ever crashing into itself. We've put together this mini Train Taxi guide with some cheats and tips which we hope will help you get the most out of the game.

Train Taxi

The game reminds me a lot of snake , an old school favorite where you collected points which grew your worm and you died when you crashed into yourself or one of the walls.

This is a modern day and vastly upgraded version of this, and the big difference is your worm... Or train is now on a track! It's a simple concept, and very enjoyable to play and to try to figure out what is the best way to navigate your train through the tracks to pick up all of the passengers.

Train Taxi Cheats and Tips

Plan Ahead
The first levels are super easy, and you don't need to plan too much as your train does not ever grow really big, but soon enough you'll find yourself crashing into yourself if you don't properly plan your route.

There is no time limit to the game, so best to try to plan your journey so you don't find yourself crashing into yourself.

Unlock New Trains with Keys
On some maps you'll see gold keys along the route, grab those, and when you have three you'll be able to unlock a new random train.

New trains don't have any special ability, they just look different, and are something cool to collect in the game.

Get 3 Keys for a chance to unlock new trains or get coins

How to Get No Ads
THe game is free to download and play, so the developers make back their costs by showing ads, if you want to get rid of ads, there is an option to purchase the game without ads, when I last looked it was 2.99.

Collect Coins to Unlock New Trains

You can also unlock new trains by collecting Gold Coins, as you unlock more trains, the price of the trains increase.

Get gold coins by following the developers on Facebook and Instagram. And also by completing the Gold Rush levels.

For more help and tips check out our answers page where you can see FAQs about the game and ask your own questions.
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