Tower Dwellers Gold

Version: 1.2.2 | 9+
StrategyTower defence AdventureRole Playing

Well made tower defense game

Tower Dwellers Gold is a free to play tower defense type game from ECC Games.

At the time of writing the game has been reduced in the App Store to Free! But there are optional in-app purchases - however these are not at all essential to fully enjoy the game, they merely unlock some extra characters for you to have more fun with if you are really enjoying the game and what to see 100% of it.

So how to ECC make their money back on this - well it's ads - and the really good thing is that so far, we have seen only optional to view ads. So basically in return for watching a 15 or 30 second video clip for the next round of the game your hero and your magic will be 200%. A fair deal to me.

So what am I talking about... Hero... Magic... Well let me explain everything in as few words as possible from the beginning. The object of the game is that you need to build towers in order to stop the bad guys getting from one side of the screen to the other (the same as most tower defense games), but you also have a hero - who is independent of the towers and roams around the screen as you command him and magic, to help you or harm your foes.

The towers you build don't actually do the shooting of the enemies, instead they spawn villagers to help you do this deed. The type of defender you get depends on the support building you create to the side of the tower. It's not really complicated and there are only three choices, blacksmith, archer, or alchemist. Depending on which one(s) of these you attach to your tower will determine what defensive unit your tower spawns. You can do any combo you want and each will spawn something different.

The game is really easy to play and it actually starts you with a tutorial so you can easily get into the game, you also have a choice of difficulty for each level and the option to trade in any stars you earn after each level for upgrades.

The graphics are well made and cool as in the music and sound.

All in all, it's incredibly good value at zero dollars with no compulsary in-app purchases, no gameplay delays and option ads! As close to a free game as your gonna get!
5.0 / 5.0
review by Rich | Sep 15th 2015

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Review by GuestJan 20th 2017
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