Top Five App Store Apps for Toddlers (And Their Parents)

by CheerfulStar (Mallary)Mar 4th 2015
This is our list of the top 5 educational apps for toddlers to play that are currently available. Ranging in price from free to $6.99 these offer plenty of fun, plus the benefit of learning for the under 5s.
Top Five App Store Apps for Toddlers (And Their Parents)

Have a look at our list and let us know below what apps you recommend for parents to try.

1. Toca Birthday Party - In general, the apps by developer Toca Boca will usually be a good investment for the exhausted parent looking for all-around awesome apps without ads or expensive additional content.
Available for iPad and iPhone, this app is designed to let parents and little ones celebrate everyday with their very own (un-) birthday party, complete with virtual cake to serve, juice to drink, candles to make wishes and tissues to clean up any accidents. Your toddler can choose their favorite table cloth, dishes, present to open, and tasty cake for a fun and mess-free interactive party every day of the year.

Ages: 1-99
Price: $2.99
Skills: Fine Motor, Taking turns, Pretend play

2. PBS Kids- PBS has become an amazing (and completely free) mecca for parents looking for quality programming for their smallest family members. The PBS Kids app is a viewing platform for all of PBS Kids top daytime kid’s programming and offers free episodes and clips of 30 different shows for kids of all ages. The app does require an active Wi-Fi or cellular plan to watch, but all content is available without paying for additional content or registering through a cable or satellite network. The format is easy enough for toddlers to learn on their own – the show is selected by tapping the main character’s picture- and best of all the app runs quickly and smoothly to avoid any unpleasant lag-tantrums prevalent with the larger video streaming apps.

Ages: 5 & Under
Price: Free!!
Skills: Entertainment

3. Endless Alphabet – Endless Alphabet is the first in a series of apps designed by Originator to get toddlers to bridge the gap between learning their letters and using those letter to form words as well as learning some new words for familiar scenarios. Are you sick of the baby-talk? Here’s the app for that. The app was runner-up in 2013 for the App Store’s “App of the Year” and was featured as an App Store “Editor’s Choice.”
The home screen of the app is a friendly blue monster with words on his teeth in alphabetical order. Your child can flip through the words by beginning letter. After selecting a word, they will hear a pronunciation and definition right before a group of playful monsters knock the letters off of the word, leaving only an outline behind. The letters (all capitals) are replaced like a puzzle with the most common phonetic sound for each letter played when touched and a narration calling out the names of the letters as they are correctly matched with their outline.
The app is a great tool to help pre-kindergarteners become comfortable with identifying letters and combine their sounds to form actual words. The app does require an active WiFi connection for all content to be available, however, and the App Store does have a free trial version if you’re still not convinced.

Ages: 5 & Under
Price: $6.99
Skills: Beginning Reader, Phonetics, Vocabulary, Letter Identification

4.Sago Mini Friends - Sago Mini is another one of the more popular app developers on the app store with games designed for the five and under crowd, and they have a swarm of fans to prove it. Sago Mini Friends is the second app in our collection to be chosen for an App Store Editor’s Choice award and it is definitely whiskers and tails above most of the competition.
The game is a collection of simple mini-games that toddlers can play with each of their new Sago Mini friends. The games range from fixing something broken to having a snack then cleaning up and are simple enough to be played by even the youngest technophile.
The Sago Mini line features a static cast of characters in all of their myriad of apps and each has a unique personality throughout. The graphics are simple, absolutely adorable and colorful and even the sound effects manage to be on the less-annoying side than others in the realm of children’s entertainment. Gameplay focuses on general skills like turn-taking and imagination and provides an environment of celebrating success instead of punishing failure.

Ages: 5 & Under
Price: $2.99
Skills: Turn-Taking, Pretend Play, Sharing

5.The Monster at the End of This Book...starring Grover! - Children of decades past will remember this as a classic Sesame Street Golden Book from their formative years and the app version is even better than the original.
The story is the same: The reader callously disregards Grover’s desperate attempts to halt the progression of the story by systematically disassembling his various traps only to discover at the end that he is the monster and his worrying was for naught.
The app is illustrated in the same style as the original story, has a catchy background tune and features the familiar voice talents of Grover, himself. The app is designed, as the book was, to be a conversation-starter between parents and children about their fears. The world can be a frightening place and helping Grover overcome his fears can be empowering for those who feel especially small.

Ages: 5 & Under
Price: $4.99
Skills: Beginning Reader, Social/Emotional

There are hundreds or even thousands of apps to choose from, which ones do you like, and which ones keep your kids entertained and help them learn?

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