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This is our walkthrough of the prologue scene in Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery. We have every step detailed with images and codes which can be revealed if you need them.

We have a full description of the chapter below or you can watch a video walkthrough here.

Prologue Walkthrough


You are on a road with a barrier and a gate house. You need to open the barrier to continue.

Rotate to find the entrance door to the gate house at the back. Tap the bars leaning against the side of the building to collect one then use it from your inventory and tap the door to pry it open. Enter the building.


Rotate to the view to the back wall to see a cabinet to the right of a ladder. Open this to find a tool box.

Collect some tools.


Now rotate to the right to view the wall with the broken power box, tap on this.


Tap the switch to turn off the power. Then select the tools and tap the box to fix it. Then switch on the power again.

Rotate to the right again.

First view the desk on the left with the microwave on top. Check the drawers to find a key.


Next view the large desk on the right.


Check the papers on the left of the desk to find a password clue. Then tap the keyboard to move it and find a password alteration.

Use these 2 items to work out the password combination.



Use this to unlock the computer. You can check the mail etc. then move to the right on the screen to find the Notes app. View this to see a note telling you the roof padlock combination.



Back up and rotate the view to see the ladder. Then tap the ladder to access the roof hatch.


Open the padlock with the combination.



Go up to the roof.


View the black cabinet on the roof and use the key to open the right door.

Tap the cables inside to reconnect the purple one.


Now go back down and access the computer again.

Find the gate control and use this to open the gate.


With the barrier open you just need to return to your car to finish this scene.

Read on to see our walkthrough of Chapter 1. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask them there.

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