Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

The new version (v.1.02.19) has a new chess puzzle in chapter 4. How do..

The new version (v.1.02.19) has a new chess puzzle in chapter 4. How do you solve it?

GuestSep 11th 2019

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The method to solve it is the same and there are instruction given on the paper on the table. Figure out the moves that the chess pieces would have had to make. If you need help see the hints and the solution in the guide for Chapter 4.

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No it isn't. The lockbox has only pairs of combinations now (i.e. 6/2 on position 1, G/C on position 2, 4/8 pos 3, G/C pos 4, 7/3 pos 5, B/F pos 6, 1/5 pos 7, B/F pos 8. Your answer is kinda void, not really helpful.
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Not sure if you are referring to the same box. The box next to the chess board has 8 dials, these alternate as letters then numbers then letters etc.
The ideas is that the solution is a set of 4 coordinates on the board, A1, B2 etc. This would make an 8 digit combination made up from the letters and numbers. The full solution is shown in the guide.
You can also check out our guide for this game here

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