Sushi Bar

Version: 1.5.0 | $1.99 - $114.99 per item

Sushi Bar is an idle type game where you run your own sushi bar, unlocking chefs and new restaurants. We've put together a few Sushi Bar Tips to help you get more out of the game.

As idle games go, Sushi Bar is one of the better ones. The graphics are great, and the concept of the game is a little different to other idle games.

Sushi Bar Tips

Golden Sushi
Look out for the gold sushi offer, this offer pops up from time to time in the top right of the game screen, if basically allows your chef to make golden sushi which sells for loads of cash. Tap your chef as much as you can for the duration of this buff to maximise profits.

Golden Sushi Boost

Upgrade Speed, Seats and Price
At the bottom of the screen there are three items that can be maxed out, Speed, Seats and Price. Try to get these maxed as soon as you can as they will benefit the whole restaurant.

Unlock new Chefs
The more chefs you have working in your restaurant the better your profitability will be. Once you have unlocked a new chef, see if you can upgrade what he makes. Usually a chef can make up to four different items, with each item being upgradable four times. Then you can upgrade your chef until he is maxed.

Look out for boosts
You'll see plenty of opportunities to grab boosts in the game in exchange for watching an ad, usually they are quite worth the 30 seconds it takes to watch a video ad and it supports the game developers too.

Watch Out for the VIP subscription Offer!
Here at AppGamer, we are all for supporting developers where we can, for example, watching ads, making the occasional premium purchase, but we don't agree with subscription services for games like this, the main reason is there is too much of a chance of forgetting to unsubscribe before the free trial period ends. Watch Out for the offer, and make sure you read the fine print if you are thinking about subscribing!

VIP Subscription

So, these are our Sushi Bar Tips, if you need further help with the game, check out our Answers Page, where you can ask your own question or read the answers other people have already given for Sushi Bar.

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