S.O.L : Stone of Life EX

S.O.L : Stone of Life EX

Tips and Hints
S.O.L : Stone of Life EX Guide

Tips and Hints

1. Arch Mage is easy mode

If you want a relatively easy game, choosing the Arch Mage over the other styles would prove beneficial. Because of its range benefits and Area of Effect skills, magic is highly over powered in this game. But if you want a good challenge, pick the other three styles.

2. Power Level opportunities

Right off the bat, when you are released into the world, you may choose to do the time limited dungeons. These dungeons have powerful monsters in them that scale with your level. So that means they will always be stronger than you. But that also means better dropped gear and better experience. You may even reach max level at the beginning area if you grind through it. Just don’t complete the dungeon because it locks out that particular dungeon if you finish it. Just kill yourself and repeat.

3. If farming, stay close to village

Doing the previous tip (power leveling in the dungeon) can be done from anywhere. So do it in town to easily sell or stash the loot you pickup.

4. Enemies telegraph their moves

From normal enemies to bosses, enemies clearly show they are about to attack. But since normal enemies flinch or get knocked back by your attacks and bosses don't, this is only really useful when you are up against a boss type enemy that doesn't flinch. You can see a pattern in their attacks in which you can evade and attack them without taking damage. Provided its one on one.

5. Rune inventory and combining

If you are farming, you most likely will be over encumbered with runes. These runes can, and S.O.L. be combined to create more powerful runes. Doing this also frees up some space so you can pick up more runes.

6. Arena difficulty

Doing the arena spends one Arena Ticket. This ticket can be obtained from various sources such as random gifts the game gives you, random reward from a chest, or purchasing it in the item shop using gems. The battles in the arena consist of boss type enemies and increase by 10 levels each time. So take that into consideration when you are thinking of going into the arena because if not, you may find your venture into the arena to be short-lived.

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