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Sprite Fantasia is a MMORPG that provides you with a lot of gameplay features. Starting out in a game and experiencing a lot of these may be overwhelming for you since you might get some case of “information overload” on trying to grasp on how the game mechanics work. Thankfully, in Sprite Fantasia, features are provided to you based on your progression.

In our Unlockables guide, we’ll be providing you with information on how to unlock the different features this game has to offer. Ranging from your menu features, to various options, we’ll provide you with the list. This can be helpful if you’re searching for specific functions in advance.

How to unlock Features

In Sprite Fantasia, progressing through the game will require you to play through the main quests. By tapping on the Main quest marker on the left-hand side of your screen, you’ll be able to auto-route and complete your tasks automatically.

A lot of features in Sprite Fantasia can only be accessed once you complete certain quests. Other quests are then unlocked once you are able to reach specific levels for your character. This is a MMORPG after all; therefore, level grinds are part of the game.

Progress through main quests and level up your character to unlock features
Progress through main quests and level up your character to unlock features

If you decide to play the game and invest your time in it, you’ll eventually be able to unlock all features that this game has to offer. You can check Part 2 of our Beginner’s guide to see some tips on how to level up quickly.

Unlockables List

Now that you know how unlocking works for the different features of the game, we have compiled a list of the ones that you can acquire below. The unlockables listed are provided in order of quest progression, then your level progression.

Sprite Gear
Complete Quest lv 4 Registration I
Dungeon Lobby
Complete Quest lv 8 Head to Registration
Complete Quest lv 8 Wallis' suggestion
Complete Quest lv 11 Deployment I
Complete Quest lv 12 Test Result
Complete Quest lv 13 Reaching Kaslow City I
Complete Quest lv 14 Info Gathering I
Complete Quest lv 15 Earning Recognition
Saphael Theater
Complete Quest lv 17 O'Dale, Stop Sleeping
Dragon Lair
Character Level 20
Character Level 20
Character Level 22
Character Level 22
Destined Skirmish
Character Level 25
Character Level 30
Wasteland Realm
Character Level 30
Tower of Trials
Character Level 35
Class Change
Character Level 40
Master Skills
Character Level 40
Region Suppression
Character Level 42
Region Boss
Character Level 43
Character Level 50
Ultimate Energy
Character Level 50
Test of Courage
Character Level 50
Point Battle
Character Level 55
Sprite King Trial
Character Level 60
Sub Weapon
Character Level 60
Weapon Crafting
Character Level 60
Character Level 60
Character Level 60
Mount Training
Character Level 65
Enhance & Star Up (Mount)
Character Level 65
Core Settings
Character Level 65
Core Refine
Character Level 65
Mount Mastery
Character Level 65
Pirate Stash
Character Level 65
Sprite Battlefield
Character Level 65
Sprite Development
Character Level 70
Sprite Challenge
Character Level 70
Star Voyage
Character Level 75
Character Level 75
Ruin Exploration
Character Level 75
Resonite Embed
Character Level 80

We hope that this list helps you in your progression of the game. Make sure to check our guide menu often since we’ll have pages provided to you that can help in learning more about Sprite Fantasia. There are a lot of Heroes that you can acquire, so hopefully you’ll be able to create a formidable team soon.

This concludes our Unlockables Guide page in Sprite Fantasia. We hope this information has helped you out, we’ll have more pages regarding the game so please check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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