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In Soul Land: Advent of the Gods, a variety of features are provided to you in order for you to enjoy the game. Some features give out items to you while some give you deal that can help out in your game. Having one place to check these features can be handy in claiming your rewards.

In this page, we’ll be checking the Perks feature. This menu lets you view different features that can provide you with useful items and deals, so let us check what to expect in the game.

What are Perks?

Once you have reached Chapter 2 and started the Shreck Acacemy main mission, you’ll be able to acquire the Perks button on your main screen. This section of the game will provide you with a variety of features that can provide you with useful items as well as deals.

There are different tabs that you can check in order to see which items can be claimed. You will know if there’s a Perk available for you once you see the red dot on the button, as well as its corresponding tab. Perks can be updated depending on the game’s events, or even your server’s status. Let us check which perks are available for players.

7-day Rewards

The 7-day rewards Perk is available whenever a new server is created. In this event, you have 7 days in total where you will need to log in and obtain your rewards. What makes this a good Perk is due to the items you’ll be able to get, and they can include Silver, S-Dust, S-Crystals, S-Anima, Spirit Rings, Spirit Bones, as well as Character Shards.

Claim rewards for 7 days in a new server
Claim rewards for 7 days in a new server

You can get two SSR Characters from these rewards by claiming the shards on your 3rd day, as well as 7th day. This will definitely help out players who just started, since you’ll be able to add these characters on your Team and they have decent stats and skill sets. Once the 7 days are over, the rewards tab shall be removed. Therefore, you must claim all of the rewards and try not to miss a day, or else you might lose out on the final day rewards.

BR Rewards

BR represents your overall power, and your main goal in the game is to progress the story and content while slowly increasing the BR that you have. This is done by leveling up your Spirit Masters, improving their skills, providing them with Spirit Bones, and a lot more.

Reach BR Milestones to claim rewards
Reach BR Milestones to claim rewards

As you progress your Total BR, you’ll be able to unlock BR Rewards which will provide you with items upon reaching a specific BR threshold. You can earn rewards until you reach 10 million BR in total. You can earn Diamonds, Silver, S-Power, Silver Earnings, as well as EXP Earnings from completing your milestones.

Daily Sign-in

The Daily Sign-in as the name implies, lets you claim items for free daily. You get to have a choice of three items that you can pick each day, or you can claim them all if you purchased the Monthly Pass. After claiming that, you will be increasing your Total Sign-In reward which provides you with a different set of items depending on the days you have signed in total.

Claim 1 reward daily, or all 3 if you purchase the Monthly Pass
Claim 1 reward daily, or all 3 if you purchase the Monthly Pass

You can get materials, Diamonds, Earnings, and even Character shards by signing in. Make sure to claim your items each day so you won’t miss out on the rewards that are available for you.

Growth Fund

If you plan to invest in the game and complete as much of the story as you can, then you can purchase the Growth Fund deal. This system provides you with Diamond earnings once you complete specific chapters in the game.

Complete up to Chapter 30 and get up to a total of 35,000 Diamonds
Complete up to Chapter 30 and get up to a total of 35,000 Diamonds

Starting from Chapter 3, and all the way to Chapter 30, completing all of the designated chapters can provide you with a total of 35,000 Diamonds. This will provide you with an incentive to finish as much of the story as you can, and the cost of the fund versus regular Diamond Packs will provide you with more for the amount that you spend.

Online Rewards

Finally, the Online Rewards perk is available only for the first time that you have unlocked the Perks section. Here, you’ll have a timer that will activate for Siver, x1 Recruit Ticket, and x7 Recruit ticket. In order to claim all rewards, you’ll have to be logged in the game for 1 hour total.

These rewards can be claimed once only
These rewards can be claimed once only

Claiming these rewards is required if you want to start off your journey in Soul Land: Advent of the Gods. The Recruit tickets that you get here are one of the first items you will need to form your team early on in the game. Once all rewards have been claimed, then the interface will be removed.

Make sure to check your Perks daily to see if you have items that you haven’t claimed yet. The red button will appear on your Perks button on the main screen to let you know about your possible rewards.

This concludes our page regarding Perks in Soul Land: Advent of the Gods. We will be having more guides regarding the game, so please make sure to check out our other pages. If you have any questions, you can head to our Answers Page to find any useful information. Feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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