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Tips and Hints
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Tips and Hints

Re-do a Stage after Completion

Completing a whole stage will present you with access to the following stage and another set of objectives for that previous stage. Check on the new mission objectives an re-do them to earn more cash for those much needed weapon upgrades.

Practicing a Stage is Free

Its generally OK to repeat the stage over and over until you get the hang of it or until you solve the objectives for that given stage. Try to maximize your time on your first run of things since you'll eventually earn 1 star rating for the whole stage. The next run should prioritize on obtaining the mission bonus, and a third and fourth run for 2 and 3-star rating, all of which presents you with bonus cash when achieved.

Tricky Stages

Some stages are really tricky. Some needs a finite amount of shots in delivering a set amount of kills. Given the situation, its either you wait for an overlap moment from the given targets or wait it out and figure if they will kill each other in your stead.

Stealthy Kill

Silenced weapon are mostly appropriate for additional objectives as they bring down a target without causing distress from the scene (unless in public). Keep in mind the differences of the weapons you use in order to perform the underlying task more efficiently.

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