Sneaky Sneaky

Sneaky Sneaky

Ninja thru the Dungeons in Sneaky Sneaky!

When the wizards at Naiad Entertainment set out to create Sneaky Sneaky they meant to make a game that was equally playable on iPhone and iPad, and they managed to succeed to a surprising degree, though the game on iPad tends to be more enjoyable thanks to the extra real estate.

The basic premise of the game is a story about a small and very stealthy thief-adventurer whose name (if you have not already guessed that) is Sneaky!

The game title - Sneaky Sneaky - is a bit of word play, since the protagonist Sneaky is a rather sneaky fella and, considering that this game falls neatly into the steal-action-adventure category, that makes sense.

The sticker price for Sneaky Sneaky for iOS is a paltry $2.99 via iTunes and the Apple App Store, and as app/games go this one is right up there in the WYSIWYG category, considering that it has no noticeable advertising in it, and ni In-App Purchases!

What the game does have is a full and engrossing story in which the suspension of disbelief is easily accomplished, along with a full and compelling Achievements List that nicely adds to the plot and the adventure by providing the player with additional goals to work towards.

The combination of enticing and entertaining story, too cute protagonist, and challenging level-based play means that the player is never at a loss for something to do.

As the adventure begins our hero is in a cell in the dungeon - a careful examination of the cell reveals that the straw bedding in the corner conceals a secret - and beside it at the back of the cell is a message on a scroll from someone named Squeaky...

Whoever this Squeaky person is, they have left us with the means to have ourselves an escape! Bless you Squeaky wherever you are!

Inside the straw we quickly find a key - and as we progress through the dungeon on our way out we will pick up more tools and some rubies, hopefully a solid score, and more hints about our situation and the best way out of it!

So begins the epic adventure that is Sneaky Sneaky - a stealth-action-adventure title in which a too-cute protagonist takes us on an epic adventure to steal-back the load of rubies we were blamed for stealing in the fist place!

The graphical world which we find ourselves in is more than a little cartoon-like but that's OK! The image that our character projects is a sort of fusion of cute with the projection of menace - as odd as that sounds.

The environment is well -drawn with character that at once makes it a convincing if dismal place to be imprisoned!

Thanks to a broad set of background music as well as situational tunes, and a very deep set of FX sounds, the mood is instantly set for each of the many actions, from the swish of your dagger to the thwack! of our arrow and the sproing of our bow!

Mix the many different elements together, and what we get is a near perfect romp through a medieval world in which all of the aforementioned elements combine to make for a believable adventure!

The very low admission price of just $2.99 combined with the instant gratification and adorable look and feel make - combined with a level-based game play that perfectly suits the bite-sized chunks one simply must have for a mobile app/game - Sneaky Sneaky is an instant and secure new addition to our permanent game play rotation set!

After giving the evaluation play a tad more than was absolutely required, we find that Sneaky and his adventures earns a perfect score! Vivat Sneaky!
5.0 / 5.0
review by CMBF | Dec 16th 2014

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