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Tips and Hints
Sky Force 2014 Guide

Tips and Hints

Progress in Game

Unlocking of the next stage does not necessarily mean progress in the game. A qualifying set of objectives are provided at your mission objectives assessment panel before starting the stage. Try to beat all objectives before even getting into the next stage. This will allow you to fully upgrade your stuff to the extent that the previous stage can give you.

Memorize Enemy Pattern

Every Stage require a finite amount of enemy kills percentage to accomplish in the mission objectives. The key is to memorize the stage pattern of execution (waves of enemies) in order to maximize the number of enemy kills in a given stage as well as prioritizing your choice of upgrade for that stage.

Glowing Enemy Priority

Glowing enemies essentially gives upgrades for the main cannon. By prioritizing these enemies, you can increase the fire rate of your weapon resulting to overall stronger feel of the firepower and the more explosive the scenery becomes.

Costly Laser Tips

Laser in the game packs a heavy punch to the enemy but at the same time packs a consequence to it. It shares a heavy hitting damage to your resources as well. Avoid wasting it in the puny waves of minions. Instead, it is perfect for stage bosses that move in a straight line or covers the whole lot of screen which essentially increases its effectiveness.

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