Sea Battle :Warships (3D)

Sea Battle :Warships (3D)

Portable naval warfare

Ultimate Sea Battle 3D allows players to control various warships and proceed through different missions by destroying all enemy warships. Players earn coins from completing missions. Getting three stars awards you with most coins. Replaying missions will earn you a very small amount of coins.

The ships you can purchase is lined up in a fixed linear fashion. You should also consider the required stage completion before you can purchase a ship. That said, you both need to have the coins and completed the required stage before you can buy it.

Each ship has four equipment types: The basic artillery, missiles, shield, and aircraft. Artillery shells and missiles are infinite so you can use them as much as you want. Shield and aircraft come by limited numbers so use them sparingly. The ship that can carry this attributes depend on the ship type. Of course smaller vessels like cruisers and destroyers can only have artillery and missiles. Each ship also have different stats: armor, speed, damage, and reload speed. These stats can be upgraded by spending coins and their cost stays the same as you level up.

The controls are also simple. The ship will continuously move forward and you can turn it to the left or right by dragging your finger on the lower left part of the screen. Moving your right finger will allow you to control the turret. There's no elevation or distance you need to consider. Just aim and fire. You may want to adjust the control sensitivity to suit your needs.

There are 6 stages, each with 20 missions. There is a mid-level boss in Mission 8 and the main boss in the last mission of the stage. This is not a walk in the park though. Levels can get extremely difficult where you'll have to struggle the stage while being outnumbered and outgunned. Retrying your current mission or the previously completed will give you a measly 50 coins. You can opt to upgrade your ship's stats but they each cost a few hundred coins per level. That means you have to grind heavily in order to get a formidable ship (again, you're fighting alone) that can make you progress the levels which will probably be updated after a few more missions.

The game's 3D ship models are good and quite detailed. The animations and effects are passable enough. You can appreciate the ship preview screen where the water and ship models are beautifully rendered, while the ship is realistically gently bobbing above the water's surface. There's no water physics involved in the actual combat so what you'll see is basically ships skating on flat, steady water. There are also rampant misspellings and what seemed like file names of the object containers that the developers forgot to rename or something.

The gameplay needs some improvement, especially the controls, weapon deployments, and probably an automated way of dealing with enemy aircraft. You can't just rely on missiles that just auto-target random enemies.

One of the most frustrating features in the game is the freaking invisible border. The game's “border” will prevent your ship from venturing too far and since you can't see any sort of marker or line, you'll most likely run into it while you're fighting several enemies at once. Your ship will be pushed back and sometimes towards enemies. This is extremely frustrating especially when you're trying your best to survive the enemy waves.

The game doesn't have micro-transactions which is kinda surprising for a free game. In the other hand, the game is riddled with ads. Almost every screen transition leads to ads, even those delayed video ads. The good thing is that if you don't have an active internet connection while playing it, you won't encounter the ads at all. The game doesn't have online features so you can “enjoy” it anytime, anywhere.

The game is quite promising and entertaining. It's rough around the edges and if improvements are applied here and there, this can very well be a good paid title. With excellent visuals, ample sound effects, and simple yet engaging concept, the game already has a good framework to become an attractive, enjoyable game.

3.5 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Aug 13th 2015

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