RTS Siege Up! - Medieval Warfare Strategy Offline

RTS Siege Up Cheats and Tips

RTS Siege Up! - Medieval Warfare Strategy Offline

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Version: 1.0.221 | $1.99 - $100.00 per item

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RTS Siege Up is a strategy sim game where the idea is to build a town with villagers, explore the surrounding area and gather resources. One nice feature is that the game has cheats included in it, these are unlockable for a fee which supports the developer.

This page will tell you a bit about RTS Siege Up cheats and offer some in-game tips to help you on your way to building a mighty empire.

RTS Siege Up Cheats

As already mentioned, cheats are available in RTS Siege Up, but you'll have to pay to access them. Personally I really like this idea as often games are ruined by people not associated with a game creating hacks which ultimately take revenue away from the publisher.

In this case, you have the option to pay a very small and reasonable fee in order to unlock cheat functions in the game.

RTS Siege Up Cheats

Cheats in RTS Siege Up include quick spawn units, switch fog, skip level and more. If you want to open up all the cheat options, then unlock them with the cheat code purchase which you can do in the game.

RTS Siege Up Tips

Getting Started with the First Mission - Destroy the Bandits Camp.

This first mission in the game will help you get to grips with how to play. First of all you should repair the damaged buildings in your camp, them start to create peasants to farm and chop wood. You have mines so you have already a steady stream of gold and stone coming in.

RTS Siege Up Tips

You should build another house to increase your population cap, and then build the barracks and archery range and start producing fighters. When you have about 20 mixed troops, then you should sent them all together to the north east of your camp to defeat the bandits camp.

We've reached out to the publisher today to try to get some tips for this game, we'll be updating this page either with the tips we get sent, or with our own tips from gameplay. In the meantime, there is the this tutorial video which you can watch here:

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