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Review by GuestAug 7th 2021
Good game ROBLOX but overheating my computer.
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Review by GuestMay 18th 2020
It is very very and I mean very amazing!!! Though if I were who invented the game, I would do free to us cause that is the only reason why I don't like.
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Review by OreoAug 31st 2017
This app includes lots of games to play. You are able to try out other people’s games and even make your own. You can be friends with people you know. You do need to make an account, but all you need to do is give your date of birth because some games are restricted.

This app is free to purchase. There are some things that you can purchase in the game. This can be extra things you want for your avatar. This can include hats and accessories. You can also purchase things in game to improve your performance. I haven’t seen any ads yet.

I think that this is a very fun app. Because there are many things to do, it is very hard to get bored. You are also able to chat with your friends and see what they have been playing. It is really easy to create an account. I think you will be able to play this game over and over and yet, still not get bored! It is also able to be downloaded onto your Apple or Android Tablet or phone through the Play Store and the Apple Store. The graphics are very good. It is a good design. The sound works.

I really enjoyed playing this game. I think it is worth downloading.

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