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If only mining Bitcoins was as easy in real life! This fun Roblox sim, where you have to create a server farm to mine Bitcoins is a nice idle type building game, that is easy to play once you get started. To get you equipped with some extra stuff, we've got these Bitcoin Minder Codes that will help you get your server farm reaching new heights in no time at all.

Bitcoin Miner Codes

50milTap to copy

- Redeem for 50mil Visits Card [Requires Level 500] (NEW)

FreeLvlTap to copy

- Redeem for One Level Up

SandFloorTap to copy

- Redeem to turn the floor into sand

Bitcoin Miner
Bitcoin Miner

Another way you can get free stuff in Bitcoin Miner is by adding friends, specific friend codes will be associated with gifts for your own server farm. The problem is, you'll need to get up and running the game before the add friend option becomes available. So, for players that have the add friend option, here are some friend codes that you can try get some in-game rewards with. For anyone new to the game and is not sure how to get started and level up to unlock the add friend feature, just scroll down to our How to Play Bitcoin Miner section.

You'll only be able to add one friend in the game and claim the reward. Then the only other way to get more premium coins for free in Bitcoin Miner is for other people to use your friend code.

Add this friend code for 10GP

MinionBobLuis96Tap to copy

- This is our Friend code for AppGamer

How to Redeem Bitcoin Miner Codes

Start Bitcoin Miner and press the phone icon, then select codes from the menu. This brings up a new window in which you can enter the codes.

Invite Friends for Rewards in Bitcoin Miner
Invite Friends for Rewards in Bitcoin Miner

To redeem the invite friends rewards. first of all you'll need to get your game to level 8. If you are struggling a bit then check out the How to Play section below. But basically you nee to keep purchasing better graphics cards.

Now, once you have got to level 8, you'll see a new Add Friends icon appear on the left, tap it to bring up the codes window. Now enter a friend code, then you should be able to tap the Pay Out button to collect you 10 GP.

You'll only be able to use one friend code, then the only other way to get more free GP is for other people to use your friend code. If you want o share your friend code on AppGamer, then just enter it in the comments below.

How to play Bitcoin Miner

Creating a Server Farm in Bitcoin Miner
Creating a Server Farm in Bitcoin Miner

Although there is a tutorial in the game, which we 100% recommend you play through because it will get you up to speed on how to play the game, it may not leave you with all the answers as to what to do once the tutorial has finished. So let's run through quickly what to do in order to get your server farm up and running in Bitcoin Miner.

1. Tap the Build Icon
This is where you get your server racks, tap the cheapest one, then drag it to your plot. It'll turn green when a suitable location is found, if you are also happy let go of the mouse there and it should drop.

2. Tap the Red Box on the Server you just dropped
This process will allow you to add or change the graphics card for the server. If there are no graphics cards being shown when you click the red box, you'll need to buy a new one in the shop. Otherwise tap on an available graphics card to use it on your server.

3. Go to the Exchange
Exchange your Bitcoins for Cash
Exchange your Bitcoins for Cash

Zoom out and you'll see a big building at one end of the game titled 'Shop', head towards there and go in and walk towards the exchange machines. Interact with them using the E button, then tap on the exchange to exchange your mined Bitcoins for cash.

4. Go to the Shop to buy Graphics Cards
Find the Shop to buy Graphics Cards
Find the Shop to buy Graphics Cards

Just in front of the exchange machines are the graphics cards shop, you'll need to go into the ordinary graphics cards shop and purchase the most expensive one that you can.

In the beginning you should just be able to use the starter energy unit which you grabbed from the tutorial. If you forgot to do that, then it's also in the build menu, tap energy.

Then it is just a matter of building more server frames, exchange more bitcoin for cash, and purchasing more and better graphics card and installing them in your servers. As you purchase more items, your level will go up until you finally unlock the Add Friends feature, around level 8.

How to get more Bitcoin Miner Codes

There are new codes available all the time for Bitcoin Miner, if you want to publish your own code on this website, then drop it into the comments section below. To find other Bitcoin Miner codes from players then you could try joining the Bitcoin Miner Discord Group where you could exchange your friend code with other players. Also follow the developer's Bitcoin Miner Twitter feed to stay updated with new game developments, and also in case they publish new official friend codes there too.

Join the Poland Game Builders Roblox Group for a 10% bonus, this is the official group of the Bitcoin Miner Roblox game developers.

How to get Premium Coins
Premium Coins can be purchased in the game, however if youy want to get some for free then you can add one friend, then you'll need to get other people to use your Friend code.

Bitcoin Miner - Out of Energy
At some point you'll run out of energy in Bitcoin Miner, to fix this you'll need to go into the build menu and select the energy option to construct another energy generator.
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