Bacon Simulator Codes (July 2022)


Bacon Simulator is a Roblox game where your objective is to gain bacon in order to buy more tools and DNAs. The game involves unlocking islands and skills, capturing flags, and getting souls by dealing damage to the boss. The Bacon Simulator codes will enable you to get pets, Coins, and Gems which will make game progression easier.

Bacon Simulator Codes

Input the codes below to get free items such as Gems and Coins which will help you to in the game. Look out for more codes here when the game receives an update. Check back through the list for any you may have missed.

update23Tap to copy

Get 100k Coins and 50k Gems - NEW

update22Tap to copy

Gem and coin collection boost for 15 minutes - NEW

update21Tap to copy

Get 100k Coins and 50k Gems

100kvisitsTap to copy

Get 15k Gems

4.0kfavsTap to copy

Get 3.5k Gems and 5k Coins

cookieboiTap to copy

Get Cookie pet

gravycatmanTap to copy

Get Gravycat pet

mayrushartTap to copy

Get Mayrushart pet

flam1ngoTap to copy

Get Flamingo pet

russoTap to copy

Get Russo pet

jeeffblox_ytTap to copy

Get Jeff pet

RickTap to copy

Get Rick pet

tofuuytTap to copy

Get a Tofuu pet

CroTap to copy

Get 500 Gems

releaseTap to copy

Get 500 coins

BugFixTap to copy

Get 2.5k Gems and 2.5 coins

ModeTap to copy

Get 500 coins

100likes_codeTap to copy

Get 5k Gems

500codeTap to copy

Get Gems

How to Enter Bacon Simulator Codes

You can claim your free rewards easily in Bacon Simulator, all you need to do is launch the game and tap the blue Twitter icon on the left side of the screen. Then simply input your code in the text box and press the green 'Enter' button to receive your reward.
How to Enter Bacon Simulator Codes
How to Enter Bacon Simulator Codes

How to get More Bacon Simulator Codes

We are adding new codes to this page as soon as they are released so be sure to return regularly. You can also get more codes by going to Modly Publishing, the developers of Bacon Simulator to join their Discord where you will be able to discuss the game with other players. You can also try their Twitter (@ModlyStudios) and YouTube (Modly Studios).

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