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Amongst Us for Roblox is a sci-fi game from Wizard Studios. Created to mimic the popular game Among Us you will take on the role of either the Innocent Crewmate or the Murderer Impostor. Complete the tasks that the game gives you and try to work out who is the impostor 'amongst' you, or try to blend in and kill the rest of the crew without being suspected.

Amongst Us for Roblox
Amongst Us for Roblox

Amongst Us Codes for Roblox

These free codes for Amongst Us will let you gain gems and coins to spend in the game as well as a free pet to join you. Make sure to redeem these codes as soon as you can as they can expire or be removed.

Working Amongst Us Codes

anewcrewmateTap to copy

- Redeem for a free Mini Crewmate Pet

freegemsTap to copy

- Redeem for 140 Gems

newhatcratesTap to copy

- 900 Coins

Expired Amongst Us Codes
999IQ - Redeem for free Coins
50Mvisits - Redeem for 500 Coins
yayfreecoins - Redeem for 2000 coins
100Mcrewmates - Free Coins

How to redeem the codes in Amongst Us

To activate the codes above open the game and then click on the 'Inventory' item in the menu on the left of the screen. In the Inventory window click on the 'Codes' button to get the code entry screen below. You can then copy and past in the working codes above and click Submit to claim the reward.

Redeem Codes for Amongst Us
Redeem Codes for Amongst Us

How to get more codes for Amongst Us

To keep up to date with any new codes you can look out for them on this page. If you are a fan then you can also follow the developers on their social channels to listen out for announcements.

If you spot any new codes or find ones that are no longer working please let us know below in the comments. And check out our Answers Page for any questions you have.
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