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Travel to different realms and roleplay in a world full of fun and adventure in Wisteria. The only realm that is currently available is the university.

Wisteria Codes on Roblox
Wisteria Codes on Roblox

Wisteria Codes

Enter the Wisteria codes below to get some help in the game, this includes a Morale boost and a Breath reset and some rerolls.

[em]We note that some codes do move from being expired to being available again, so may also be worth trying some of the expired codes, or retrying existing codes even if you have used them once.[/em]

!HaoriResetTap to copy
- Get for a Haori reroll (NEW)
!DemonAppearanceTap to copy
- Get an appearance reroll
!NichirinColorTap to copy
- Get a Nichirin color reroll
!BreathResetTap to copy

Get a breath reset (NEW)

!BDAResetTap to copy

Get a Blood Demon art reset (NEW)

!NICHIRIN80KTap to copy

Is a currently working code for a reward

!HairDripTap to copy
- Get a hair and eye reroll
!80000LIKESDEMONTap to copy
- Get a demon appearance reroll
!80000LIKESHAORITap to copy
- Get a Slayer Haori Reset
!Demon80KTap to copy

Get a Demon appearance reroll

Invalid Codes















How to Enter Wisteria Codes

Entering Wisteria codes is different from most Roblox games as there is no dedicated Codes button. In order to redeem your Wisteria codes to get their rewards you must type them directly into Chat which can be accessed at the top left of the screen. If after typing the code into Chat nothing happens it has more than likely expired.

How to Enter Wisteria Codes
How to Enter Wisteria Codes

How to get More Wisteria Codes

To get more codes for Wisteria you can always return to this page or join Demon Corps, the developer of Wisteria. Other options include:

Discord (Wisteria)


YouTube (iVenatrix)

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