Roblox Welcome to Farmtown

Welcome to Farmtown Codes

Get some free in-game cash, seeds and items with these Welcome to Farmtown codes for the game on Roblox. Scroll down to our codes to try list and full instructions on how to enter them into the game to try to redeem them for as long as they are still valid.
Welcome to Farmtown Codes
Welcome to Farmtown Codes

Welcome to Farmtown Codes

Here you will find all of the released codes for Welcome to Farmtown, dive in and check them out as we don't know when they will expire and stop working!

welcometofarmtownTap to copy
– 100 cash

masteroffarmingTap to copy
– Alien Data Crystal

lightmeupTap to copy
– 5 Floor Lamps

wackyheadTap to copy
– Wacky Propeller Hat

The following codes can only be entered in the Classic version of the game

ebeneezerTap to copy
– 100 Cash

farmingontwitterTap to copy
– 100 Cash

testcode2019Tap to copy
– 50 Cash

feefofifumTap to copy
– 5 Magic Beans

PumpkinTime!Tap to copy
– 5 Pumpkin Seeds

20somanyseeds20Tap to copy
– 10 Mixed Seeds

20alltheseeds20Tap to copy
– 50 Mixed Seeds

How to redeem Welcome to Farmtown Codes

As you can see from the above codes some are only eligible for the Classic version of the game. You get the choice on the game loading screen to either play the new version or the classic version.
How to Redeem Codes in Welcome to Farmtown
How to Redeem Codes in Welcome to Farmtown

To redeem the above codes, start the game, and click the main menu button, then you should see a link which says Redeem Codes, click that to get the code entry box, you can then type in any code you want to try or copy and paste them in from the list above and click Redeem. If the code is valid, the game will tell you and you should either see your new item in your inventory or see you cash level increase

How to get more Welcome to Farmtown Codes

We will be keeping this page updated with all of the latest codes for this game and also a history of all of the old codes too in case you miss any, so you can bookmark this page and return to it to find all of the codes for Welcome to Farmtown on Roblox.

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