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Created at the end of 2020, UFO Tycoon is a well made tycoon sim on the Roblox platform, where the idea is to collect currency in order to create an incredible space station! A lot of games on Roblox do have redeem codes, and this article takes a look at whether or not there are UFO Tycoon codes.

UFO Tycoon Codes

When we loaded up UFO Tycoon, we could see not system to enter codes, usually codes for Roblox games are entered via the chat terminal or by clicking a blue Twitter icon. But in the case of this game there is no Twitter icon, or any code menu currently in the game. Perhaps there will be a function to add codes in the future as it sure does help with the popularity of a game as everyone loves to get freebies.

The results you get in search engines when you type in 'UFO Tycoon codes' do return some results such as YouTube videos and Pinterest pages, but these we think are fake, and currently offer no legitimate UFO Tycoon codes, although this may change in the future.

Whether the game has codes or not, UFO Tycoon is a really fun game, is well made, and if you like tycoon games, it's definitely a good one to try.

To get started in UFO Tycoon, move your character towards the spots on the screen to unlock items and make upgrade. Most are unlock with the in-game currency that you earn, although there are some golden items which you would need Robux to purchase. Look out for the money collection point which you'll need to return to all the time to collect your money.

If you are stuck you can click the Find Button icon at the bottom of the screen, this will tell you if you need more cash (in which case go to the cash collection point), or direct you with an arrow where to find the next button.

UFO Tycoon - Follow the Arrows
UFO Tycoon - Follow the Arrows

Prioritize getting the blue buttons, as these are usually related to increasing your cash collection. Get two droppers early, and get any upgrades you can related to increasing dropper speed and numbers.

Get More Droppers and Increase their Speed
Get More Droppers and Increase their Speed

How to Stay Updated

If codes are every released for UFO Tycoon, we will be putting them on this page. But you can also stay updated by following @games_paragon on Twitter and there is also a Paragon Games Roblox Group

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