Roblox UFO Simulator

UFO Simulator Codes

A stack of free coins, tickets, new worlds and much more are on offer for free, as long as the codes remain valid, for the idle tycoon game on Roblox, UFO Simulator with these redeem codes for the game.
UFO Simulator Codes
UFO Simulator Codes

UFO Simulator Codes

Here you will find all of the released codes for UFO Simulator, dive in and check them out as we don't know when they will expire and stop working!

OctoberTap to copy
- Get 500 Coins (NEW)

GlobalMarketTap to copy
– Get 2,500 Coins

Space!Tap to copy
– Get Free Meteors in Space World

FutureWebTap to copy
– Unlocks Roblox World

gravycatTap to copy
– Get 750 Coins

flamingoTap to copy
– Get 750 Coins

sonsoffunTap to copy
– Get 750 Coins

alphaggTap to copy
– Get 750 Coins and tickets

ufoTap to copy
– Get 250 Coins

ratTap to copy
– Get a free Rat Pet (find it in your inventory and select All)

russoTap to copy
– Get 750 Coins and 750 Tickets

newTap to copy
– Get 1,000 Coins

releaseTap to copy
– Get 500 Coins

How to redeem UFO Simulator Codes

To redeem codes in UFO Simulator, tap menu button, then select the Codes option. You can then copy and paste any code you would like to try.
UFO Simulator Codes Entry
UFO Simulator Codes Entry

If the code has expired, the game usually lets you know, and likewise if the code is still valid and was accepted by the game, you should see the reward show up on the screen or the reward found in your inventory.

How to get more UFO Simulator Codes

We will be keeping this page updated with all of the latest codes for this game and also a history of all of the old codes too in case you miss any, so you can bookmark this page and return to it to find all of the codes for UFO Simulator on Roblox.

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