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Tower Defenders has got to be one the best Tower Defense games on the Roblox platform. We were really impressed with the game and how easy it was to get started to defeat wave after wave of enemies but just placing your chosen Toy Towers.

We also really like the fact that the codes that have been released for the game are quite useful, there are some that will get you free skins, and others that will get you a load of tickets. But bear in mind. Codes do expire over time, so use them quickly before they become invalid, and check back here for more released codes at a later date.

Get Free Tickets and Skins with these Toy Defenders Codes
Get Free Tickets and Skins with these Toy Defenders Codes

Latest Toy Defenders Tower Defense Codes

Here are the Toy Defenders codes to get some free tickets and skins. With the tickets you can purchase different skins to make your towers look legit and modifiers which will help improve your defending ability, again, go to the shopping basket to see what is available to purchase with the tickets that you have. While we do check codes regularly, please let us know if any have stopped working so we can remove them from our list.

TEAMFEYTap to copy

- Get 10k tickets and a Team Fay Classic Noob skin

1500TWITTERTap to copy

- Get the Raider Andromeda Skin and 10k tickets

10KLIKESTap to copy

- Get 20k tickets

100KMEMBERSTap to copy

- Get a Frog R64 Beebo

10MILLIONTap to copy

- Get the Hunter TB ZED skin and 10k tickets

7MILLIONTap to copy

- Get the Huntress FF Bandit skin

5MILLIONTap to copy

- Get a Starkiller Vurse skin

Expired Toy Defenders Tower Defense Codes

These lot no longer work and have already expired.










How to Redeem Codes for Toy Defenders

Tap the Shopping Basket to bring up the redeem box
Tap the Shopping Basket to bring up the redeem box

From the main page of the game, not while you are playing, click the shopping bag which is one of the icons at the bottom left of the screen. This will bring up the shopping window where you can see everything that is for sale in the game. You'll also see a redeem box where you can copy and paste the codes that you have found for the game into. The game will tell you on the screen if the code has worked and what you have got.

How to get more Toy Defenders codes

While we will be keeping this page updated regularly with all of the latest working codes to Roblox Toy Defenders Tower Defense, you can also follow the @ToyDefenders Twitter Page and join their Toy Defenders Discord or Roblox Group to stay updated with any newly released codes, game announcements, offers or just to chat with other players.

Toy Defenders Tips

A quick search on the internet will bring up quite a few videos related to Toy Defenders Tower Defense. Here's is a good one which gives some strategy tips on how to play the game on Roblox.

[video= title=Game Strategy Video]

From what we've seen of the game, we can also add a few tips of our own:

1. Study the route.

Check out the route that the enemies will take so you can place your best towers where the most enemies will pass. Say for example if there is a junction where two streams of enemies will come together or a cross over where a carefully placed tower can hit a couple of different enemy routes.

2. Continue to upgrade your towers

Throughout each level as well as placing a good assortment of towers, you'll need to continually upgrade them during the level play.

3. Learn what each tower does

This is the key to placing the right towers according to what enemy will come during a particular level.

4. Spend tickets on upgrades in the shopping basket

The free tickets that you get are best used on purchasing permanent power upgrades for your towers and unlocking new ones. Although skins do look cool.

Game Description

Toy Defenders is a tower defense game with its own unique twist!

- Collect over 80 of your favorite Roblox toys and celebrities!

- Build your own personal deck of 10 toys to bring into battle!

- Join forces with your friends to fend off waves of enemies!

- Move your towers to keep up with the action! No need to sell them!

Some extra bonuses!

- Premium players get 10% more rewards!

- Enjoy 25% more rewards on weekends!

- Join the official Toy Defenders group for some bonus daily tickets!

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