Roblox Strucid

Strucid Codes

This game seems to be inspired by Fortnite as it is also a Battle Royale game with building mechanics, launched in 2018 on the Roblox platform, check out these Strucid codes below to try to get some extra free coins in the game.
Strucid on Roblox
Strucid on Roblox

Strucid Codes

Here are the latest codes for Strucid on Roblox, check them out to see if they are still valid to get you some extra coinage.

christmasTap to copy

- Get 5,000 Coins

joeheTap to copy

- Get 5,000 Coins

supTap to copy

- Get 5,000 Coins

Coins are used in the game to purchase cases which hold within them some in-game rewards. Different cases offer different probabilities of getting higher ranked items. We would recommend getting the highest level chest that you can with your free coins!
Get some Diamond Cases with your free coins
Get some Diamond Cases with your free coins

Inactive Codes
Here are the older codes for Strucid, which we have found no longer work.


How to Enter Strucid Codes

How to Enter Strucid Codes on Roblox
How to Enter Strucid Codes on Roblox

Right on the gameplay screen, when you enter Strucid, you'll see a code entry box on the right. Just enter or copy and paste any of the codes above to try them out and hopefully bag yourself some extra free coins,.

How to get more Strucid Codes

Codes for Strucid are usually released on their [/url=]Official Twitter feed[/url], follow that feed to stay up to date with codes and information from the game developer. you can also bookmark this page as we'll also be adding the latest Strucid codes soon after they are released.

Strucid Controls

Q- Wall
C - Floor
V - Ramp
F - Pyramid
B - Trap
G - Edit
Z - Emote
U - Front view
*Keybinds can be changed in-game
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