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Skate Park on Roblox seems to be inspired by the Tony Hawks series of games which have been around for over 20 years! And definitely worth a look if you are into these types of games. We've got some great codes below to get you some free credits and items. All redeem codes do have a limited lifespan, so if they are already expired by the time you try them, we're sorry, but please let us know so we can remove them from the list.

We'll keep this page updated with the latest Skate Park codes as soon as we discover new ones.

Skate Park Codes

The codes below are not case sensitive, also you can only redeem them once. The game will tell you is you have entered them correctly and if they are still valid. They only work once per person.

Look for the Codes link when playing the game
Look for the Codes link when playing the game
holidayTap to copy

- Item Reward

TisTheSeasonTap to copy

- Item Reward

skateboardingTap to copy

- Free Credits

vacationTap to copy

- Free Credits

newparkTap to copy

- Free Credits

7kTap to copy

- Free Credits

8kTap to copy

- Free Credits

100KTap to copy

- Free Credits

miloTap to copy

- Free Credits

retromadaTap to copy

- Free Credits

raceTap to copy

- Free Credits

razorTap to copy

- Free Credits

starsubTap to copy

- Free Credits

sorryTap to copy

- Free Credits

flamingoTap to copy

- Free Credits

updateTap to copy

- Free Credits

Skate Park Codes (Expired)

star - Redeem for 1,000 Credits!

How to Enter Skate Park Codes

You can try the above codes by tapping the Codes link when you start playing the game. It's over on the left of the screen, you may not see it as soon as the game loads, and you may need to walk around a bit - at least that's what happened to us!

Skate Park Code Entry
Skate Park Code Entry

So, once you have seen the red Codes link, tap it, then copy and paste any of the above codes into

Redeeming codes in Skate Park is a pretty simple process! Once you open the game look to the side of the screen for the red button that says Codes on it. Click on that and copy one of the codes from our list. Look for the "enter code here" area and paste your code into the space. Hit the submit button and you should be given your reward!

If the code works you'll see 'Code Redeemed'
If the code works you'll see 'Code Redeemed'

How to Get More Skate Park Codes

We'll be keeping this page updated with all of the latest Skate Park codes, however you can also follow these users on Twitter to stay updated to the latest game developments, and also new Skate Park codes.





You can also join Skate Park's official Discord server to interact with other players, ask questions about the game, and maybe also as a route to find out about new redeem codes.

How to Play Skate Park

Skate Park can be played for free on the Roblox platform, here is a direct link to the game: Skate Park on Roblox.

In the game you can trick out with either a Skateboard, Bike, or Scooter in Skate Park. Here are the PC key controls with which you can try a load of tricks in the game.

Ollie - Space Bar

Kickflip – F

Heelflip – G

Kickunder – Q

Heelunder – E

Shuvit – R

Laserflip – Y

Impossible – T

Spinleft – Z

Spinright – X

Hardlfip – H

Manual – C

Nose Manual – V

360 Flip – B

Backflip – N

Frontflip – M

Grabs – 1-7

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