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Created in 2020 for the Roblox Platform, Project X is inspired by a number of anime themes which has built into an in-depth RPG which is well supported by the developers. Check out these Project X codes below to some extra Mastery XP. This game is not to be confused with Project XL, which is a different game.

Project X Codes

Get a Mastery XP boost a a chance at double XP with these Project X Codes.

Project X on Roblox - Get more XP with these Codes
Project X on Roblox - Get more XP with these Codes
SubToJohntoon02Tap to copy

- Get 50k Mastery XP

SubToNoclypsoTap to copy

- Get 50k Mastery XP

SubToCastobusTap to copy

- Get 5k Mastery XP

SubToKelvingTSTap to copy

- Get 50k Mastery XP

SubToEtheralMiracleTap to copy

- Get 50k Mastery XP

SubToTerraBloxTap to copy

- Get 50k Mastery XP

SubToBuilderboyTVTap to copy

- Get 50k Mastery XP

SubToKarmaTap to copy

- Get 50k Mastery XP

SubToTheSalehm121Tap to copy

- Get 50k Mastery XP

SubToibemaineTap to copy

- Get 50k Mastery XP

SubToAspectProductionsTap to copy

- Get 50k Mastery XP

SubToKiddStanTap to copy

- Get 50k Mastery XP

SubToInfernasuTap to copy

- Get 50k Mastery XP

45kLikesTap to copy

- Get 250,000 Gold, 30 Minutes of double experience, 50k Mastery XP

15kLikesTap to copy

- Double Experience for 30 minutes

GodHelpUsAllTap to copy

- Double Experience for 1 hour

Don't use the codes that offer double experience until you have a good grasp of the game so you will able to better benefit from the experience boost.

How to Redeem Project X Codes on Roblox

How to Redeem Project X Codes on Roblox
How to Redeem Project X Codes on Roblox

First of all you'll need to create a character before you can redeem any Project X codes. So when the game first loads click the Character Creation option, this is basically another Roblox App where you can create a character which can be used in Proect X. Make your adjustments, and then tap Finish Character to go back to your Project X game.

Now, simply press Play, then Menu then a screen will pop up with an code input box. You can then copy and paste any code that you want to try into the input box. Just one at a time. And you can only use each code once. You should only use the double experience codes when you have an idea of how to play the game and how to gain experience in the game.

A message will confirm if the code is accepted, already been used by you, or has expired. Have fun! And we hope the codes are still valid for you.

How to get more Project X Codes

We'll be keeping this page updated with all of the latest Project X codes when they are released. Also you can keep a look out on the Project X page on ROblox for new code announcements.

Project X Game Instructions and Controls

All powers can be awakened by pressing the V Button at 25 Mastery

[T]: Highjump

[F]: Block

[Left Alt]: Shift Lock

[Z]: Equip Magic Broom

[G]: Charge Broom Fuel

[Click]: Move with Magic Broom

Arrows grant abilities

Grimoires grant skills

Souls grant races

Defeat npcs to gain mastery

Awaken your ability at 25 mastery

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