Roblox Miners Haven

Miners Haven Codes

Here are the latest codes for the Roblox game, Miner's Haven. Redeem these codes to get some extra pumpkin boxes, coins and other boxes in the game. Miner's Haven is a tycoon type game where the idea is to try to get as much cash as you can in the game as fast as possible! There is a great tutorial in the game to guide you through how to get started.

Miners Haven Codes

Below you'll find the latest Miners Haven codes. Let us know if any have expired or stopped working so we can remove them from our list. We'll keep updating this page with the latest codes for the game as they are released.

metaverseTap to copy
- Get a Spectral box

easterpart1Tap to copy
- Get three Easter boxes

HeadStartTap to copy
- Get 100,000 cash

whatayearTap to copy
- Get a Magnificent Box

KaBOOOOMTap to copy
- Get a Rocket Launcher, one life use

RestEasyNowTap to copy
- Get a Yoda collectible

MakeYourDestinyTap to copy
- Get 5x Blobcat Plushie collectible

DragonThatIsShockinglyLuckyTap to copy
- Get Oof Particles

mysoupisaboyTap to copy
- Get 20x Blobcat Wall collectible

EXOTICDAY2020Tap to copy
- Get 5x Clown Doge collectible

SLUMBERTap to copy
- Get an Ore Gielder collectible

RthroTap to copy
- Get a Heavenly Infuser

twelvetosixteenTap to copy
- Get 5x Blobcat Blanket collectible

BagelHeartTap to copy
- Get 5x Blobcat Dab collectible

YesItIsNostalgicToMeTap to copy
- Get a Heavenly Conveyor collectible

ancientcodeTap to copy
- Get 10x Ancient Conveyor

restoredataTap to copy
- Want to reset? Then get a teleport to the Data Recovery point

resetunrealsTap to copy
- Resets unreals

Expired Miners Haven Codes
There are many expired codes for this game, probable too many to list! But if any of the above list have stopped working, then please let us know so we can check and remove them.

How to redeem Miners Haven codes?

How to Redeem Miners Haven codes
How to Redeem Miners Haven codes

From the gameplay screen, tap the settings icon which is the cog on the left of the screen. This will bring up the settings window where you should see a code entry box. Just copy and paste the codes to try them out and if they are still valid, you'll get the corresponding reward.

How to get more Miners Haven Codes

Codes are generally released via the @HavenRblx Twitter page. You can also bookmark this page to find more codes here when they are released.

Also check out the Berezaa Games Discord Group to stay updated with the latest game developments and offers.

Daily Rewards
Miners Haven Daily Rewards
Miners Haven Daily Rewards

Tap the present icon on the right of the screen to claim a daily reward in Miner's Haven. Extra daily rewards can also be purchased with Robux.
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