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King Piece Codes

King Piece for Roblox is an adventure / fighting game from developer Thai Piece. Along with making a great fun game they also give out regular codes for you to use for useful items to help with your questing. Check below for the latest list of known codes to use.

King Piece for Roblox
King Piece for Roblox

King Piece Codes for Roblox

The codes for King Piece will let you claim Beli and a few other items. Use these to gain better weapons and have more fun playing. Remember that these codes can expire at any time so make use of them as soon as you can . Keep checking back in for new codes in the future. If you find any that no longer work please let us know below.

Working King Piece Codes

To coincide with the latest game update, there are 4 new codes, each one should give you a gem.

900KFAVTap to copy
- Get 1 Gem (NEW)

800KFAVTap to copy
- Get 1 Gem (NEW)

700KFAVTap to copy
- Get 1 Gem (NEW)

600KFAVTap to copy
- Get 1 Gem (NEW)

- Get 3 Gems

300MVISITSTap to copy
- 100,000 Beli

500KFAVTap to copy
- 100,000 Beli

250KLIKESTap to copy
- Stat Reset

GasGasTap to copy
- 1 Gem

100MVISITSTap to copy

- Beli

200KFAVTap to copy

- 100,000 Beli

100KLIKESTap to copy

- Stat Reset

SamuraiTap to copy

- 3 Gems

SpinoTap to copy

- 2 Gems

DinoxLiveTap to copy

- 100,000 Beli

REDBIRDTap to copy

- 250,000 Beli

DoughTap to copy

- 2 Gems

AlloTap to copy

- 1 Gem

BeckyStyleTap to copy

- 100,000 Beli

PeodizTap to copy

- 100,000 Beli

DragonIsStrongTap to copy

- 100,000 Beli

KingPieceComeBackTap to copy

- 100,000 Beli

Expired King Piece Codes
100KFAV - 100,000 Beli
80MVISITS - 100,00 Beli
Snow - 1 Gem
70KLIKES - Reset your stats
Shadow - 1 Gem
String - 1 Gem
Merry Christmas - 3 Gems
50KLIKES - Reset your stats
TanTaiGaming -100,000 Beli
60MVISITS - 100,000 Beli
OpOp - 100,000 Beli
MIUMA - 100,000 Beli
UpdateGem - 3 Gems
45KLIKES - 100,000 Beli
45MVISIT - 100,000 Beli
90KFavorites - 100,000 Beli
35MVisit - 100,000 Beli
Peerapat - 200,000 Beli
BeckComeBack - 100,000 Beli
20MVisit - 100,000 Beli
26kLikes - reset your stats
Threeramate - 300,000 Beli
Thanakorn - 300,000 Beli

How to Redeem King Piece Codes

To redeem the above code in King Piece you can access the option via the Menu. Tap the Menu button that is on the upper left below your health bar then in the menu find the button for 'Codes'. Add in any of the codes in the "Put Code Here" box and hit the Accept button.

Redeem Codes for King Piece
Redeem Codes for King Piece

How to get more codes for King Piece

Thai Piece who make King Piece are active in adding new codes and also expiring others so to make the most of the game you will need to keep checking in for new updates. To keep up to date with any new codes you can look out for them on this page or follow the developers on their discord channel below

If you spot any new codes or find ones that are no longer working please let us know below in the comments. And check out our Answers Page for any questions you have.

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