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Fashion Famous on Roblox is a game where you create your style and compete with other players to see who has the most! These Fashion Famous codes will help you get started with your collection with a few free outfits and items. Other items are available in the game which can be unlocked usually with coins that you can earn in-game or with Robux.

Fashion Famous Codes

Here are the latest working codes for Fashion Famous which you can redeem to get your started with you customizations collection in the game. To enter the codes in Fashion Famous, start the game and then click the bird icon in the bottom right, this will bring up the code entry screen, then simply copy and paste the codes below to get the corresponding item.

Enter The Codes by Clicking the Bird Icon, then copy and paste!
Enter The Codes by Clicking the Bird Icon, then copy and paste!


LVM3Tap to copy
- Get a Love Me by Kiouhei Outfit
LVRBYTap to copy
- Get a Lover Boy by Mockeri Outfit
W1NT3R1Tap to copy
- Get a Pink Maid by Kio Outfit
DR3SS3DTap to copy
- Get a Holiday Dress
SU1T3DTap to copy
- Get a Holiday Suit
R1ENY8Tap to copy
- Get a Festive Deer Outfit

Face and Eyes

H4RTTap to copy
- Get a Heart Eyes
M3RMA1DTap to copy
- Get a Bubbly Mermaid Face
P4ND4Tap to copy
- Get a Panda Face

Head Wear

M1NTYFR3SHTap to copy
- Get a Peppermint Top Hat
H4TAG11Tap to copy
- Get a Knit Animal Hood
ORN4T3MTap to copy
- Get Ornament Bobbers
SN1WM4NTap to copy
- Get a Wintery Hat
XM4SH41RTap to copy
- Get a Xmas Tree Hair


GOGGL3STap to copy
- Get Santa Goggles


4FOXY1Tap to copy
- Get a Foxy Scarf
B3ARYW4RMTap to copy
- Get a Polar Bear Scarf
BR4NCH35Tap to copy
- Get a Decorated Branches
ELF3DTap to copy
- Get a Jolly Elf Hat


2G1NG3R2Tap to copy
- Get a Gingerbread Man Top


1G1NG3R1Tap to copy
- Get Gingerbread Man Pants

You'll be able to see and use what you've got from these codes by walking into one of the closets in the main game screen, then just simply put on a set of customisations that fit the theme of the current fashion show.

Get your model ready for the catwalk after redeeming your codes from the list above
Get your model ready for the catwalk after redeeming your codes from the list above

When the time runs down you'll need to strut your stuff on the catwalk and hopefully the judges will like the look you've created! You'll also get to judge your competitors - be nice!

How to get more Fashion Famous Codes

We will of course be adding all of the latest Fashion Famous codes here on this page when they are released, but you can stay ahead of the game, and get them straight from the Twitter channel that they are usually released on with is @PixelatedCand. As well as finding out about new codes, this twitter channel usually keep you updated as to what the new game developments are and if there are any other game related announcements too.

As well as keeping updated on Twitter, there is also Fashion Famous Roblox Group to chat to other players and find out about what their fashions are!

Fashion Famous Daily Rewards

Daily Login Reward
Daily Login Reward

Don't forget, there is also an opportunity to pick up a daily reward if you visit the game on Roblox every day. It's a great, easy way to pick up some free coins and maybe other things, just for logging into the game.

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