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Egg Simulator Codes

If you are looking for the latest OP codes for free Egg Simulator on Roblox, you've come to the right place. All the codes we add to our site are tested before we publish them. But please bear in mind they may expire over time! So please be quick to redeem them before they stop working. Check back here another day for more Egg Simulator codes.

Get a load of free pets and some boosts with the Egg Simulator Codes
Get a load of free pets and some boosts with the Egg Simulator Codes

Egg Simulator Codes

Below is our list of Egg Simulator codes. Redeem codes such as these can be entered in the game for the corresponding rewards as described below. But they usually only have a limited time frame where you can redeem them, so while we do check them when we publish them on our site, we can't guarantee that they'll work forever! If any are not working, please let us know so we can remove them and put them on our expired list.

Read on after the codes for full details on exactly what you need to do to redeem these in-game promo codes for Egg Simulator.

GEMTap to copy
- Get 1000 Gems
GEMSTap to copy
- Get 50 Gems

LUCKTap to copy
- Get x5 Luck Boost
BOOSTTap to copy
- Get x5 Egg Hatching Boost
HEROTap to copy
- Get Free Booster

Mythical Pets
RAINBOWTap to copy
- Get Rainbow Demon Dominus Mythical Pet
GOLDTap to copy
- Get Golden Goblin Mythical Pet
FREETap to copy
- Get Demon Domnius Mythical Pet
JULYTap to copy
- Get Firework Mythical Pet
FALLTap to copy
- Get Thankful Ducky Mythical Pet
MYTHICALTap to copy
- Get Candy Dominus Mythical Pet

Legendary Pets
MEGAPETTap to copy
- Get a Mega Alien Dog Legendary Pet (NEW)
SHOCKTap to copy
- Get Red Shock Dominus Legendary Pet
SPARKSTap to copy
- Get Sparks Legendary Pet
METAVERSETap to copy
- Get Dominus Astra Legendary Pet
ULTRATap to copy
- Get Ultra Red Legendary Pet
CLOVERTap to copy
- Get Lucky Dominus Legendary Pet
PURETap to copy
- Get Pure Dominus Legendary Pet
NEWYEARTap to copy
- Get Triple Threat Legendary Pet
SINISTERTap to copy
- Get Triple Sinister Legendary Pet
MEGATap to copy
- Get Mega Dominus Legendary Pet
ANGELTap to copy
- Get Angelic Dominus Legendary Pet
MAGICTap to copy
- Get Plasma Wizard Legendary Pet
TESLATap to copy
- Get Tesla Dominus Legendary Pet
LAZERTap to copy
- Get Lazer Dominus Legendary Pet
28MILTap to copy
- Get Goblin Dominus Legendary Pet
SUNTap to copy
- Get Sleepy Sun Legendary Pet
USATap to copy
- Get Patriot Puppy Legendary Pet
CATTap to copy
- Get Ninja Cat Legendary Pet
JELLYTap to copy
- Get Jellyfish Legendary Pet
GRADTap to copy
- Get Diploma Dog Legendary Pet
LIONTap to copy
- Get Lion Legendary Pet
BEARTap to copy
- Get Spring Bear Legendary Pet
SPRINGTap to copy
- Get Flower Golem Legendary Pet
SUPERTap to copy
- Get Rainbow Unicorn Legendary Pet
HOLIDAYTap to copy
- Get Rainbow Deer Legendary Pet
ZOOTap to copy
- Get Happy Giraffe Legendary Pet
UNICORNTap to copy
- Get Fuzzy Unicorn Legendary Pet
TEDDYTap to copy
- Get Cursed Teddy Bear Legendary Pet
EASTERTap to copy
- Get Easter Doge Legendary Pet
GRAVYTap to copy
- Get Grumpy Cat Legendary Pet
DOGETap to copy
- Get Captain Doge Legendary Pet
CHERUBTap to copy
- Get Cherub Dominus Legendary Pet
EGGTap to copy
- Get Eggdeeri Legendary Pet
LUCKYTap to copy
- Get Lucky Bunny Legendary Pet
CURSETap to copy
- Get Cursed Bat Dominus Legendary Pet
SPARKLETap to copy
- Get Red Sparkle Love Fedora Legendary Pet
CROWNTap to copy
- Get Super Glitch Queen Legendary Pet
PINKTap to copy
- Get Pink Shock Dominus Legendary Pet
PLASMATap to copy
- Get Blue Shock Dominus Legendary Pet
1MILTap to copy
- Get Rainbow Bunny Legendary Pet
FEASTTap to copy
- Get Ducky Dominus Legendary Pet
GIANTTap to copy
- Get Giant Unicorn Legendary Pet
CRYSTALTap to copy
- Get Crystal Valk Legendary Pet
BOTTap to copy
- Get Glitch Bot Legendary Pet
PREMIUMTap to copy
- Get Gold Dominus Legendary Pet
JENTap to copy
- Get Sparkle Note Trio Legendary Pet
STICKTap to copy
- Get Magic Glow Stick Legendary Pet
2020Tap to copy
- Get Rainbow Snow Angel Legendary Pet
BOLTTap to copy
- Get Green Shock Dominus Legendary Pet
ROBZITap to copy
- Get Robzi Robot Legendary Pet
PRESENTTap to copy
- Get Rainbow Deer Legendary Pet
PATRIOTTap to copy
- Get Patriot Puppy Legendary Pet
BOOTap to copy
- Get Magma Matter Dominus Legendary Pet
SPOOKYTap to copy
- Get Pumpkin King Legendary Pet
NINJATap to copy
- Get Ninja Unicorn Legendary Pet
GALAXYTap to copy
- Get Galaxy Unicorn Legendary Pet
6MILTap to copy
- Get Shiny Party Bunny Legendary Pet

Special Pets
BEACHTap to copy
- Get Rainbow Dog Special Pet

Radioactive Pets
MoonTap to copy
- Get Radioactive Alien Radioative Pet

Epic Pets
LOVETap to copy
- Get Love Bunny Epic Pet
SLIMETap to copy
- Get Slime Dominus Epic Pet
CRABTap to copy
- Get Shock Crab Epic Pet
ZOMBIETap to copy
- Get Zombie Sinister Epic Pet
STARTap to copy
- Get Galaxy Genie Epic Pet
ALIENTap to copy
- Get Alien Grunt Epic Pet

Pare Pets
FIENDTap to copy
- Get Fiend Rare Pet
GOLDENTap to copy
- Get Golden Mouse Rare Pet
SNOWTap to copy
- Get Show Prince Rare Pet
COMETTap to copy
- Get Galaxy Pirate Rare Pet

How to Redeem Egg Simulator Codes

Bring up the codes menu and start coy and pasting!
Bring up the codes menu and start coy and pasting!

Start the game, click on the bird icon on the right of the screen, this will bring up the codes window. Now copy and paste one of the codes that you want to try from the list above and click redeem. If the code is still valid, you should get whatever we said up in the code description. Then you can continue to try the rest of the codes one by one.

How to get more Egg Simulator Codes

Check back on this page to find out if more codes have been released or if you've missed any. If you are on Twitter, then sometimes new codes for Egg Simulator may be released on this feed @Skybox_Studio.

If you log in to the game daily you can also grab the free daily reward, the game also says that if you join their wravager Roblox Group, you'll get x2 Daily Reward.
Grab your daily reward and join their group for double rewards
Grab your daily reward and join their group for double rewards

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