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Dragon Adventures Codes

Players of the pet nurturing game, Dragon Adventures, can try to get a welcome boost in the game by redeeming these gift codes. As with any redeem code, there is a limited window in which the codes are valid, so what are you waiting for, go try them out now before they expire! Check back here for the latest Dragon Adventures codes as we find them out. As well as growing your dragon, you also have the opportunity to play with others in the PvE part of the game.

Codes for Dragon Adventures are released pretty frequently, but we also have noticed that for this game, they tend to expire quite soon after they are released. So don't be too disappointed if you try the coeds below and they no longer work. We'll be doing our best to keep this Dragon Adventures codes page updated with all the latest codes for the game as soon as they are released.

Dragon Adventures Codes

Dragon Adventures Codes
Dragon Adventures Codes

As we mentioned above, these redeem codes don't usually last very long, so be quick to try them out as soon as new codes are released. Below you'll find the latest Dragon Adventures codes.

MAGICTap to copy
Get Fairy Jars (NEW)

Get Dragonscale Bandages

SWEETTap to copy
Get 25 honeycomb (NEW)

STRIPESTap to copy
Get free Material Shuffle potion

GLOWINGTap to copy
Get free Glowing Mushrooms

BERRIESTap to copy
Get free Juniper Berries

FLUFFYTap to copy

Get 1 FluffyTSG Preset Potion

Expired Codes for Dragon Adventures
We've removed most of the expired codes and just left the latest ones that have stopped working.
RAINBOWTap to copy
Get a free Material Shuffle Potion

FANTASYTap to copy
Get 5 Fairy Jars

PEACHYTap to copy

Get 5 Peach Seeds

REVIVETap to copy

Get 15 Revival Hearts

SPACETap to copy

Get 50 Meteor Fragments


How to Redeem Dragon Adventures Codes

Dragon Adventures Menu
Dragon Adventures Menu

To redeem the latest Dragon Adventures codes, just tap the menu button from the main game screen, then select codes. You'll then be able to enter your selected codes to see if they are still valid, and hopefully get your in-game reward.

How to Get More Dragon Adventures Codes

The best way to stay updated with the latest Dragon Adventures Codes is to check back regularly on this page where we will be adding the latest codes for the game soon after their release. You can also stay updated yourself by following the game's Official Twitter Feed.

There is also a Dragon Adventures Discord Group where you can chat with other players and the game developers and maybe also find out about new codes there too.

More Free Dragon Adventures Stuff
Also players that log in daily, there is also a chance to pick up some extra free rewards with the Daily Login Bonus. Check out the game for full details and what the latest free rewards are for daily logins.
Dragon Adventures Daily Login Gift
Dragon Adventures Daily Login Gift

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