Roblox Anime Tappers

Anime Tappers Codes

Anime Tappers is an Anime inspired tapper game on Roblox which includes many of the standard features of tapper games on this platform such as rebirths, bosses and pets. Get an assortment of free goodies and rewards with these free Anime Tappers codes below.
Anime Tappers Codes
Anime Tappers Codes

Anime Tappers Codes

Here you will find all of the released codes for Anime Tappers, dive in and check them out as we don't know when they will expire and stop working!

AOGIRITRETap to copy
- Get 200 Taps and 45 Yen (NEW)

BROOMTap to copy
- Get Broom Cursor (NEW)

PUMPKINTap to copy
- Get Pumpkin Cursor (NEW)

WITCHTap to copy
- Get Witch's Hat Cursor (NEW)

JUZOTap to copy
- Get Spooky Juzo Pet (NEW)

SAIYANTap to copy
- Get 250 Yen

POWER UPTap to copy
- Get 900 Taps

HALLOWEENTap to copy
- Get 250 Taps and 25 Yen

TITANTap to copy
- Get 500 Taps and 25 Yen

ONEPIECETap to copy
- Get 350 Taps and 15 Yen

GHOSTTap to copy
- Get Ghost Cursor

FEARTap to copy
- Get Gone Freecs Pet

SLEEPYTap to copy
- Get Zenitu Sleeping Pet

NOFEARTap to copy
- Get Adult Gon Pet

BRAWLTap to copy
- Get Rock Lee Pet

TOADBOITap to copy
- Get ToadBoi Pet

RELEASETap to copy
- Get 1000 Taps

Once you have some pets, go to the pets menu and use the option to Equip Best, so you then get the most bang for your buck when you tap on the screen. Don't forget to rebirth whenever you can to get extra Yen and also get more for each tap when you start over.

Expired Anime Tappers codes
There are currently no expired codes for Anime Tappers

Anime Tappers Codes Entry
Anime Tappers Codes Entry

How to redeem Anime Tappers Codes
Start the game and click on the Twitter icon, this will bring up the code entry screen where you can copy and paste or type in any of the codes you want to try. Press the confirm button when done.

How to get more Anime Tappers Codes
We will be keeping this page updated with all of the latest codes for this game and also a history of all of the old codes too in case you miss any, so you can bookmark this page and return to it to find all of the codes for Anime Tappers on Roblox.

You can follow the related social channels for this game which are:

@UFODevelopments on Twitter

Anime Tappers Discord

Latest Updates:
- New Area
- 2 New Eggs (1 In Halloween Area)
- 12 New Pets
- 2 New Secrets
- Equip Best now un-equips before equipping best
- Halloween Area is now x4
- VIP Area is now x2
- 5 Extra Upgrades in Upgrade Shop
- Bug Fixes
- Exploit Patches
- Second Chance System
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