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Adopt me is one of the most popular games on Roblox, and while it's true there used to be a code entry system on Adopt Me where you could get free in-game money, they have recently removed this feature. This article takes a look at the Adopt Me codes that used to work, and what you need to do stay stay up to date should the developers ever reintroduce the facility to redeem codes in Adopt Me on Roblox.

Adopt Me - Old Codes

Here are some of the old codes that used to work find in Adopt Me before the redeem code page was removed.

1B1LL1ONV1S1TS – Get 200 bucks
GIFTUNWRAP – Get 200 bucks
M0N3YTR33S – Get 200 bucks
GIFTUNWRAP – Get 200 bucks
subbethink – Get 100 bucks
DiscordFTW – Get 70 bucks
SUMMERBREAK – Get 70 bucks
SUMMERSALE – Get 70 bucks

As you can see from the list above you could get quite a few free bucks in the game. We don't exactly know why they removed the feature or if it will return in the future but the best way to find out if new working codes are added for the game is to bookmark this page because we'll be adding them as soon as any are officially released.

You can also follow the @PlayAdoptMe Twitter account associated to the game in the hope of getting new codes but to also stay updated to new announcements related to Adopt Me on Roblox.
Adopt Me Codes - Twitter Icon
Adopt Me Codes - Twitter Icon

When you play the game, there is still a Twitter icon that is clickable in the game, but currently it does not bring up a code entry menu and just gives a message of thanks for playing the game.

If we were to speculate as to why there are no Adopt Me codes then we'd put it down the to popularity of the game, and while there are enough people playing and spending their Roblux maybe there is no need to give anything away for free in the game - but that's just one viewpoint - who knows the real reason?

I've seen Promo Codes on the Internet for Adopt Me

Yes it's tru other websites may still be saying there are promo codes, and there are many videos on YouTube saying they have codes for the game, but there are none, don't waste your time, at least at the time of writing, there are no codes for Adopt Me that work.

Even though there are no redeem codes, the game is still great, and as popular as ever, so go ahead and enjoy the game and don't worry about free things - there is still loads of fun to be had. You can find Adopt Me on Roblox.
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