Hungry Turkey
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Hungry Turkey

Hungry Turkey is a time limited special event run during Thanksgiving.

It is a nice way to easy pick up a ton of resources, boosts and other useful things.

Hungry Turkey Event - Collect Corn to Feed it and level up for great rewards
Hungry Turkey Event - Collect Corn to Feed it and level up for great rewards

Basically you feed your turkey Corncobs. These an be found by following the instructions on the Bountiful Cornfields event. But basically the bushels of corn that you need can be found when your commanders are out Gathering Resources on the Map, which you are gathering resources in your City and after you have defeating barbarians.

So all the Thanksgiving events kind of tie in nicely, and if you participate in one, then sometimes the things you get are useful in another.

For example, in the Cornucopia event you have to defeat as many barbarians as you can in one outing, each time you defeat barbarians you have a chance of receiving bushels of corn which are then used in the Hungry Turkey event to feed your Turkey and get even more things!


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