QuizBash - The Party in Your Pocket!

QuizBash - The Party in Your Pocket!

Version: 1.12.66 | QuizBash

Quiz Bash is 12 party games to play with friends and family in the same room, on the go or over video chat. Hundreds of hours of party time fun for less than some chips and dip and a fraction of the cost of a traditional board game. A fraction!

- Gameshow-style fun with TEAM mode for 4+ players
- Play with 1-3+ players in A LA CARTE mode
- 350+ Shout categories (70,000+ clues)
- 20+ Sorta-Sing categories (2,000+ songs)
- 20+ Charades categories (6,000+ clues)
- 12 Draw categories (5x as many clues as Pictionary!)
- 5 Mashup categories
- 2 ABC-Dash categories
- 4 Lightning Round categories
- 5 This or That categories
- 7 Hangman categories
- 19 Trivia categories (40,000+ questions: 6x as many as Trivial Pursuit!)
- 6 different types of Trivia questions
- Hot Potato mode for Shout, Sorta-Sing, Mashup and Charades
- 1 Redacted category
- 2 Scramble categories
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Liked it. Cute, good graphics, no ads, played offline with friends
4.9 / 5.0

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