Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Tips and Hints
Pyramid Solitaire Saga Guide

Tips and Hints

Combos for 3-Stars

The best way to pump up your score meter is to do a lengthy combo. Set-up (plan) some long move combos in order to garner higher scores. This is most applicable in situations where a mass of joker cards are set on the table as it continue the combo counter.

Blue Colored Safety Pool

Most of the times, you'll be presented with face up cards situated at the bottom most pile of the cards. Save up some necessary cards most especially needed for those far-off the count on the blue pool to save you on a pinchy situation later on.

Save Gold and Boosters

The game sets a fixed number of reward Gold and Boosters all throughout the game.
Reserve them for the latter stages of the game because the are far more valuable than the set of move points you could regenerate to complete a given stage. At the point where you actually need them though, try to ensure victory in order not to spoil any of these valuable treats.

Keep a Clear Head set Towards the Objectives

The main objective of the game is to usually free the golden cards that sit at the bottom of the pile of cards. Most often though, you really wouldn't need to remove much of the cards on the table to free these golden key cards. Prioritize your target to generate more score from the left-over cards.

Squash the Scarabs

Everytime you get to nail down a gold card, a golden scarab will fly towards the base of that card. Tap on these scarabs for that additional 250 points.

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