Pokemon Games for Android

Sep 12th 2018

There are many Pokemon based games available for Android, some sanctioned by the official rights holders to the Pokemon brand and others are games based on Pokemon games or their characters, we take a look at what is available right now in 2018 for Pokemon games for Android.

Pokemon Games for Android
Pokemon Games for Android

Let's kick right off with some of the ones you may already know. The highly popular and ground-breaking, Pokemon Go!.

Pokemon Go

If you've not heard of this one, then where have you been for the last couple of years! This is the mega hit from Niantic which really kicked off the Pokemon franchise on GPS based mobile devices.

The idea is that you take to the streets and use your phone or tablet's camera to help you search for Pokemon. It's pretty cool and allows you to get some exercise too!

Obviously you'll need to take some precautions as you will be walking about with a phone in your hand, so please be careful!

You can find out anything that we have on Pokemon GO here:


Or download the game from the Play Store here:


Pokemon Duel

Pokémon Duel is a strategy board game that uses Pokémon figures.

The idea is that you construct a deck using your favorite characters. You can then compete with players from around the world in various leagues and tournaments.

Like other popular 1v1 games, the matches are completed in real time and you get rewards to increase your deck strength and available characters as you progress with more wins through the game.

You can find out anything that we have on Pokemon Duel here:


Or download the game from the Play Store here:


Pokemon Camp

Discover the amazing world of Pokémon with the free Pokémon Camp is a free game where you can explore an island filled with Pokémon-themed activities based on becoming a Pokemon trainer.

A recent update to the game added a the Alola region Pokémon, plus extra activites for users of the game as well as a special day/night feature which lets you search for different Pokémon depending on the time of day.

Interested? Then check out the following links for more info and to download the game.


Or download the game from the Play Store here:


Pokemon Quest

The Pokémon you know and love have turned into...cubes?! Head out in search of treasure with your cube-shaped Pokémon buddies on Tumblecube Island—a land where everything is a cube. Your goal is to find the awesome goodies said to be hidden on the island.

By all accounts it is a pretty decent game, although a little short.

You can check out the following links for more info and to download the game.


Or download the game from the Play Store here:


Pet Alliance 2

Although not a 'Pokemon' Game, it does fit into the criteria of collecting monsters and battling. Pet Alliance 2 is a RPG game about monster training and monster battle. You can collect pets such as dragon and fairy monsters.

The game contains elements of pvp real time battling as well as being an adventure RPG. It's pretty neat, and very popular. Check out the link to download the game from the Play store, below.


Monster Super League

Enter the fantasy world of Astromons in the popular and well thought of game, Monster Super League.

There are over 550 types of Astromon in the game to play with and collect, the idea is another similar to Pokemon where by you catch wild Astromons as you adventure through the game or summon them by hatching the mysterious eggs!

Your Astromons will evolve to change in looks and gain additional skills.

Sometimes, they will evolve into very rare variants with even more power. Each Astromon has their own stats and abilites which evolve as you level them up.

You can check the game out in the Play Store by following the link below.


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