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Papers Grade Please Tips

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Papers Grade Please is a basic classroom casual simulator where you grade your students work based on how they have completed a task. We've a couple of Papers Grade Please Tips below.

Papers Grade Please Tips

I'll say it first, to get anywhere on Papers Grade Please you probably have to get over watching a ton of ads. The game is generous with it's rewards, but the ad interruptions are really heavy which is why we've not spent too long on this short tips guide for the game.

1. Upgrades
Upgrade you classroom to make it better. You'll need cash to do this, and the best way to get a load is by watching ads. Look out for the one which gives you 250 for a single ad. That's the best value one we've seen.

2. How to get more cash
Every day that you complete in the game will give you cash based on you making the correct marks in the game. Look out for the bonus round 'recess' to get 300 for watching a video. You can also triple the amount you earn each day with the video offer at the end of the round. You can triple the recess award too which is massive.

The end of round triple cash reward is not too interesting in comparison with some of the other rewards on offer.

3. Customise your Students
You can customise the look of your students with the cash you have earned in the game. While the customisations don't seem to add anything for you in the game, it will make them appear how you want them to. If you pay to unlock a customisation then it is only valid for the student you have selected. You'll have to pay to unlock the same item for other students if you want it on the others.
Student Customisations
Student Customisations

4. Unlock Different Teachers
While unlocking different teachers doesn't seem to have an impact on the game, you can unlock teachers using the teacher tab. Usually watching a video ad will give you a new teacher when inside that teacher tab.

4. Classroom Customisations
Make your classroom look better with some customisations. You'll have to pay for these with the cash you have earned in the game.

5. Best ways to get Money in Papers Grade Please
If you want to get loads of cash in this game, then you'll need to be prepared to watch the ads. Because there are so many offers, you can afford to be selective as to which offers your take.

The graduation bonus will bring you 300, as will the bonus rounds. You can also triple the amount you earn in the bonus rounds too for a big lump of cash. These three are the best offers we've found so far in the game for quick cash. The other offers generally I skip and say no thanks.
Finding the Offers for Big Cash in Papers Grade Please
Finding the Offers for Big Cash in Papers Grade Please

How to Answer the questions

The questions we found in the game were quite simple. If you are stuck use google as most seem to be general knowledge, just don't rush through too fast otherwise you may get the answer wrong. It doesn't really matter if you do though.
Answering Questions in Papers Grade Please
Answering Questions in Papers Grade Please

If you are stuck on anything in the game, drop us a comment below and we'll try to help out, or head over to our questions page for the game.
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