Order and Chaos Online

Order and Chaos Online

A mobile MMORPG that thrives: Order & Chaos Review

Released originally on April 27, 2011 Order and Chaos has come a long way since its initial release. Being in the shadow of World of Warcraft many comparisons and similarities can fairly be made. However, for a mobile game to get so many of those right is no easy feat. With its latest build adding in a number a skill sets and talents we should be taking a fresh look and a game that has only gotten better with age.

As with most MMOs, the story is often muddled and without any real sense of purpose often time you just roam around doing other activities. You start out by choosing one of five races (Human, Elf, Undead, Orc, or Mendel). Then you pick your class out of the fantasy mainstays warrior, mage, monk, ranger, and when you get a character to level seventy a flame knight. Most of the story telling is done through the various quests that you will partake in during your journey. The real gameplay is when you are out exploring the impressive size world that takes you on those quests to get loot, or to fetch something for somebody, or to gather materials to craft items. There are very few instances in this game, it takes place on the world map where you can see the other players and if you feel inclined, follow them around. There is an arena based PvP but it leaves something to be desired. It’s not bad per se, just feels like some of the mechanics should have been worked out better or updated this far into the life of the game. The crafting system itself is very robust and it makes it definitely worth your time to craft your own gear especially at higher levels.

The game also has a pretty hefty social system in place as well. There are various player created guilds that are constantly looking to recruit new members. Joining a guild is great especially if you find yourself in a bind or stuck on a particular quest you can always ask your guildmates for help. There are also various chat channels for local, world, and trade as well. It’s a nice system in place that does the job of reducing chat spam that you will see to a minimum. Of course with any game with a global chat you always have the problem with chat spammers but with just a couple taps you can easily block them

Graphically, the game still looks the same as it did at launch. The game could use a nice update or perhaps add the option to scale up the graphics on higher end devices. The sound and ambient music is decent. There is nothing there that hasn’t been done before but it’s still nice to listen to and it does add to the gameplay. One thing to note is that sometimes the sound of certain actions doesn’t synch up quite right to some casting affects. The voiceovers are almost unforgivingly bad. Luckily, you can tune most of it out and it gets hard to hear it due to the sound that is going around your general area.

At the end of the day Order and Chaos is still one of the top MMORPGs on the market today. This is a notable feat in a gaming ecosystem where a game can go from the next big thing to hiding in an obscure corner that nobody has ever heard of. Despite its dated looks and sometime feel. With its intricate gameplay and crafting system, coupled with its simplified WoW interface this is a must for any fans of fantasy MMOs.
4.6 / 5.0
review by Mr.Steve | Jun 18th 2015

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