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Review by GuestDec 31st 2020
I love this game!! So addicted but can't get past59
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Review by GuestJan 29th 2020
It’s pretty awesome. I’m only bummed that levels seem to repeat.
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Review by Damage1865Jan 10th 2020
Level 50 takes the biscuit. It's taken ages to complete yet level 51 is so easy
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Review by GuestJan 2nd 2020
Level 50 is impossible to complete.
Game is good and challenging up to that point but this issue with level 50 spoils the whole thing.
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Review by GuestDec 20th 2019
The game reuses the same tracks, just re-skins them with the different seasons. I made it to level 150 before I uninstalled it. The boss stage, or the hardest level really, you can expect to see it every 25 levels or so but once you get the timing down of the first half, you'll have plenty of gas for that pesky home stretch.
Lots of missed opportunities in this game!
There could have been more done with the gas and money economy.
There is no timer, no race against the clock (or other people's times), so why wouldn't I just hold the gas down as long as the game will let me (Except for the hard level, that's the only one I know of where you have to think about fuel and timing)?
There is no visual indication that you have upgraded your train. I can't tell the difference between what I just spent $6000 on and what I had before.
The coal cars are a cool design, they actually empty as you use it. Why can't we buy more cars, especially if they had a cool use?
Scenery is average, the draw distance isn't very far, they need animals or something to tell a story.
There is no story.
The physics is what drew me in, it is fun whipping around corners, seeing sparks fly. It's sort of a cartoony, roller coaster fun but it does get monotonous.
There are no passengers to make sick though, no precious cargo to be thinking about as you are careening up and down, left and right.
The ads are barely manageable as you can click off of them after 5 seconds or so.
3 stars because it is fun at first.

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