New YAHTZEE® With Buddies – Fun Game for Friends

New YAHTZEE® With Buddies – Fun Game for Friends

Gamer reviews for New YAHTZEE® With Buddies – Fun Game for Friends

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Review by GuestJun 14th 2021
It's too hard to figure out what to do besides just play straight yahtzee.
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Review by GuestMar 16th 2021
This game used to be fun, now it's a joke, all kinds of new crap that takes up so much time , sand bag prizes that are worth nothing, and the free die you could win in tournaments is now just a fraction of what it was ,so it's not worth it. Don't get this game unless you want frustration from to much crap and the ads are now constant. They got stupid and greedy, tried to improve a great setup and ruined it completely.
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Review by GuestJan 27th 2021
Terrible game. They chance it so often it's hard to figure out. Constantly has issues. You play in the tournaments and it doesn't register half the time and when it does register you don't get the bonus rolls you have won. I can honestly this is the worst run game I have ever played. DON'T SPEND MONEY OR TIME PLAYING you will regret it.
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Review by GuestJan 11th 2021
I give up on this app. In the last week I lost 200 dice due to system glitches and customer service flat out doesn’t respond. I had survivor freeze up on me when I was at the last level so I lost all the dice I put Into getting there to name one thing. I’m literally at 98 percent on the packs I need 2 more and it’s just not possible. This game is a time waster and completely glitchy and fixed.
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Review by GuestJan 10th 2021
The absolute worst game! Haven’t been able to play for 2 days straight! Says come back soon. Yeah right.
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Review by GuestDec 31st 2020
Absolutely one of the worst games. Very obvious it is rigged and constantly freezes up.
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Review by GuestDec 4th 2020
Would have given it more stars but the game is obviously rigged
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Review by GuestAug 25th 2020
Fun and fast, I wish I could see the entire playing field after I take my turn.
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Review by GuestMay 27th 2020
I loved playing until now...haven’t been receiving my rewards...getting bored with it!!!
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Review by GuestMay 18th 2020
Yahtzee with buddies is a very unfair game. They change things constantly without letting players know. You used to get 20 free dice, now you get 12 after watching all the boring ads. You also used to get 250 in coins. Now you get 150 which is a rip oiff. Scratchers are never winners so I don't know why they bother. Also, they never add anything fun.
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Review by GuestApr 29th 2020
Overall I like the game and I never pay
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Review by GuestJan 18th 2020
It's a fun game and it's fun to collect the dice. Would be better if it wasnt so rigged so you'll get frustrated and buy dice for extra rolls. Theres no way most of those combos could happen in life and the fact that the dice masters games are easy until the end shows their algorithm is tweaked. It's a shame. It was a fun game.
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Review by GuestDec 20th 2019
Soooo fixed! The probability of a winning roll by your opponent on the last roll of the game, often a Yahtzee, is just so remote, but yet still seems to happen all the time! Just a total ruse to get you to spend more money on the app. It is a real shame because I actually like the game play and the different game options, but it is starting to really **** me off how rigged it is. Why do the app developers do this - eventually everyone will just stop playing!
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Review by GuestDec 4th 2019
I wouldn't give Yahtzee with buddies more than a tiny little bit of a star even that. They are the most crooked game I've ever seen in my life. when you ask for help they threatened to take you out of the game even though they don't give you the coins for individual play. Ever!!!!!!!!! I have added up my coins every single time I play and I know darn well I'm not getting my coins even though they say I am so they are the most crooked game and I would not recommend this to my worst enemy ever!!!!!!! Also it's a fixed game if anybody's noticed by now cuz I sure have. It is one of the worst games on the planet I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Review by GuestDec 3rd 2019
Yahtzee with buddies is one of the worst games I've ever played. It freezes up constantly. They never give you a coins from individual play. I have written to them several times about this matter and they keep lying and saying that I've gotten them when I have not. now they're threatening to close my account if I ask any more about my coins so they can go right ahead because this game I would never recommend my worst enemy.
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Review by GuestNov 10th 2019
Yahtzee with buddies is the worst game on the planet. There lightning round I have played I don't know how many times and used I don't know how many dice but I never got what I needed I never beat the game so I missed winning the tournament which you need 23000 which is pretty ridiculous and I only missed it by a little bit because the lightning round was the most unfair game I've ever played and this game should be shut down because it is a sham. It is fixed faster than anything else has ever been fixed and they don't do anything to change this stupid boring horrible Iunfair fixed game.
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Review by GuestNov 6th 2019
This game is the most boring game I've ever played in a long time. When you're done playing with people tournaments and everything you have nothing else to do like other games you can play forever This one is boring there's nothing to do after you've accomplished everything plus I think this game is fixed because there's so many things to this game that show that it is fixed
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Review by GuestNov 4th 2019
This game is so rigged!!! I have spent money for bonus rolls and still don’t win. They get you hooked and then make it impossible to win. Now I have been playing the family feast games and they are impossible to win too. Our time won 2nd place last tournament now this month we only have 5000 points and the first place team has 21000. We will never catch up to them unless we spend mega bucks for bonus rolls!! If you have a competitive personality you will be sucked in and it will take your money!!
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Review by GuestNov 3rd 2019
I play Yahtzee all the time but the higher you go on levels The harder to win. You can roll many times and might get one number you need if your lucky all the while the dice master your playing will get at the very least 3 Yahtzee’s on the one game. Not thrilled. Going to get a different game and delete this cheating nonsense zero stars
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Review by GuestNov 1st 2019
Yahtzee is the worst game I've played in a very long time. Tournaments are fixed as well as the dice world is surely fixed because I have played it at least 50 times and I still cannot win one time. They don't give you your coins when you earn them. and when you write them and tell them they say all the time you don't get them if it's not worth the tournament time well it was and I still didn't get them I would not recommend this game to my very worst worst worst enemy.
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Review by GuestOct 30th 2019
Yahtzee with buddies is a horrible fixed game. They rip you off they try to steal your money they never give you your coins that you are supposed to get. They run the game because it doesn't make sense to never roll one # that you have left you can have three rolls left, need sixes and won't get one that's a little bit giving it away how fixed it really is. I'm about ready to uninstall this game because of how badly they run it and rip you off so beware of what you press on this game because they'll take your money right out of your account in a heartbeat they have no conscience whatsoever
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Review by GuestOct 27th 2019
I completed all 18 levels in the tournament to find I could only keep playing the zoo league. When I did not play it I was demoted to the previous league where I have to accomplish it without receiving any awards to return to zoo league and the prizes I already had. Worse way if rewarding someone who accomplished the full game and had no more leagues to advance to. Demotion to a previous league totally unfair. I will not refer anymore friends ever again. Worse game ever.
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Review by GuestOct 2nd 2019
Wow, at least you people from Yahtzee with buddies should at least make it look like it's a real game instead of a fixed game. the tournaments give it away right away I mean when you're trying to get one number and you try four times don't even get one of them that is not the odds even that is fixed. They could also maybe find a better game to play for dice then instead of trying to take your money like they do. Don't push a button too many times because you'll end up making a purchase that you did not mean to make and they will not give you your money back because they are greedy. this game should be taken off of the market anyway because of this reason I had made an accidental purchase and they would not even think about giving me my money backnot even after I proved to them that I was right they said no absolutely not going to give me my money back because the reasons that did not make sense whatsoever. be very careful playing this game because you may regret it when you go to your bank account and you've lost money to Yahtzee with buddies which is not even worth a penny to spend.
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Review by GuestOct 1st 2019
This is the most unfair, fixed game l have ever played. They think you don't notice when they take your dice away during tournaments. I had over 400, and all of a sudden l have 20 dice taken away even though l didn't play them. Also, this game freezes more then ANY game l have played. This game also tricks you into purchases that you haven't made, and if you try to get out of them they have to investigate you might as well kiss your money goodbye because you'll never win this game. they have a new thing where you can fill the pig up with dice that you haven't used but they want you to pay $59.99 are you kidding me I wouldn't pay a penny for anything for this game ever. I don't know how many negative reviews have to be made for this game before they change it and make this better and not rip people off all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Review by GuestSep 22nd 2019
First of all this game is fixed. Second of all it's almost impossible to win tournaments. They want you to get 20000 in 6 days. That is impossibly unattainable unless you use all of your dice which you barely get any of. I would not recommend this game to my worst enemy because it's a piece of crap
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Review by GuestAug 28th 2019
I have played this game often over 2 years. The latest download gave back the crashing that used to plague the game when anything new appears , especially when watching a video to gain a dice throw. It crashes during tournaments now. I have found that other things have changed in rewards. I had 39 scratch tickets including several super scratch bonus. Out of 38 scratches I received 3
extra throws. The % is not worth earning or buying scratchers.. the are being very stingy with rewards overall. It is frustrating to play now.
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Review by GuestAug 25th 2019
Yahtzee with buddies has got to be one of the worst fixed games l have ever played. If l wasn't so bored, l would NOT play this game. You can never get the dice you need. You can roll 4 times which uses your extra rolls, and let's say you need 1 six to win. Odds are not that bad where after 4 rolls, you don't even get 1 six. Sooooo obvious. Also, the tournaments are unfair. You can use all the dice you can, and never win. Prize climb is a joke. You don't get to see the other scores until you're done and guess what you'll lose every time. Also the ads just break right into everything you're playing and then you get nothing for watching these ads. If you want to play a fixed, maddening game then this is the game for you! Otherwise there are games that don't cheat you like Yahtzee with buddies.
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Review by GuestAug 17th 2019
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Review by GuestAug 15th 2019
This Yahtzee with buddies has got to be the most fixed game l have ever played. First, you barely ever win a tournament and if you happen to be lucky enough to win, your dice are all gone, and In this game, you never get free dice. You can try to play prize climb, but to win anything, once again, you need dice. Imagine that! Never play the game grab bag, but l don't anymore because the odds of coming ahead are 0 to none, and here you REALLY LOSE ALL YOUR DICE. I went from 600 to 300 in one sitting! I have never, ever seen so many glitches in one game. If you write them, they ignore everything you write! If you want to play an unfair game, then this is the game for you!!!!!!
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Review by GuestJul 28th 2019
Question for anyone if you get promoted in the Tournaments....I mean from Cafe to Beach league you will get rewards when tournament is over and not before right! Well I'm being told I received all rewards from being promoted 1 week earlier.....what how the hell do they know if I will get to the amount you need to be promoted? This game is horrible!!!!!
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Review by GuestJul 27th 2019
Been playing this for two years. Scratch cards are worthless. 99% of the time you get xp not dice. Even the so called mega ones only give you 1 dice. Clearly rigged by the algorithm they wrote into it. Don't waste money on this.
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Review by GuestJul 18th 2019
This Yahtzee with buddies game is so inferiating. Every other turn it says my internet is to slow when in fact it is working very good so I don't know what is wrong with this game. also I sometimes wonder if this game isn't fixed because when you have one more roll left but you don't have one of the dice you need and you still don't get that dice after four rolls I think that's a fixed game.
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Review by GuestJun 30th 2019
Yahtzee with buddies is the worst fixed game l have ever played. It is soooooooo obvious that this game is not on the up and up. First, if your playing a couple of tournaments and you win then enjoy it because it does not last. I won a couple tournaments and ever since, l can't even get more then 2 of a kind. I played this game on a different phone, a d the same thing happened. They let you win then they have you lose so you have to purchase dice over and over. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY, because they will get your credit card number and when you have a chance to win free dice, you can push it but it doesn't work and when you push it to many times, you end up making an accidental purchase and THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY! This happened to me and all l got was the run around but no refund. IF YOUR SMART, AVOID THIS GAME unless you want your credit card charged.
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Review by GuestJun 27th 2019
It is unreal. This game has got to be fixed. When you have your last roll and you need 1 six I can't fathom how a person can't even get 1 six. Also, you barely get free dice, and if you don't have any then you can't play in tournaments. When you do play in tournaments if you play horribly at the beginning you play horribly the whole game. Also, they want you to buy dice if you want to play. THIS GAME IS A WASTE IF PRECIOUS TIME and l do not recommend it.
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Review by GuestJun 16th 2019
Update is horrible. Played this game for 5+ years. Game play is now too slow. Banner at top blocks the three of a kind and ones. Then opponents score isn’t added until seconds after you should already be rolling.
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Review by GuestJun 7th 2019
This game is so crooked. You only get a few dice if your lucky. When you are supposed to be able to watch an ad for free dice and red scratches it doesn't work until you push it to many times, then you end up paying for dice. I did that and they refused to give me my money back. CROOKS! They have so overpricing for dice if you buy them. You can go in a tournament and lose any dice you buy. They have these so called leagues that you need to get 25,000 points in 5 days. Doesn't work that way because if you don't win tournaments, you don't get points. You don't have dice, you can't play in tournaments, and everytime a new league is done they raise it another 5,000. IMPOSSIBLE! I've also noticed that if you complain or write a bad review you roll horribly. I've read other reviews and they are very similar to mine. What does that say about the game?
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Review by GuestMay 6th 2019
This game freezes all the time. This game I swear is fixed. One game you do real well, but then it changes completely. Also, make sure not to push a purchase button because they make it way to easy for them to take your money. I accidentally pushed a purchase button without realizing it. I asked for a refund but they refuse to help me at all, even though I did it by accident. The challenges are so hard to win and when you are able to get free rolls, they give you 1 or 2 then it just stops. You are supposed to get 20, but they are to greedy to help you. This game is a WASTE OF SPACE on your phone. I wish I could give this game a BIG FAT 0.
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Review by GuestApr 18th 2019
I wouldn't waste my time playing yahtzee with buddies. I have noticed how truly fixed this game is. I wrote to them because my game keeps freezing. After I did that, I was playing a tournament called Stars. Well I played it at least 5 times, and l got the worst scores l have ever gotten, so you can't tell me it's not fixed because it is. This game sucks!!!!!!!!!! If I could give 0 stars I definitely would!!!!!
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Review by GuestMar 21st 2019
It was a fun game. They asked me for new permissions for an update but they requested permission to send and read sms messages. Massive deal breaker
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Review by GuestMar 10th 2019
This game is so crooked. I swear it's fixed. Make sure not to push a button twice or you will be stuck playing the fixed games they have. It's funny, when you have 1 slot to fill, like you need sixes, well your lucky to get 1 even. Their tournament games are fixed as well as the prize climb and all the other games that are impossible to win. This game literally sucks!!!!!!!!
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Review by GuestDec 18th 2018
This game is the biggest scam on earth, even if u spend a lot and i mean it will be a lot to win, you wont, they rig it so u spend more and more until u lose everything.....they have 0 respect they wont know what if u just want to roll dice here and there, its a good game, but if u want to participate, and enjoy the prizes....plan on spending every penny u got, cause that's there goal. GREEDY is an understatement for what they are. i wish i could get at least some of the money i spent back....cause i have been treating unfair...they will fight u over 1 dollar , even if u spent 100...i never seen anything like it. so riggggggged
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Review by GuestNov 24th 2018
Yeah cant get out of a league they do not give you good chances they always beat you!!
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Review by GuestAug 11th 2018
It's fun for the most part but there are parts to the game that I do.not understand and the explanations are totally unclear.
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Review by GuestJun 1st 2018
This game is rigged. Good luck winning at dice masters because they roll multiple Yahtzee plays, always score small and large straights, always gets the 35 bonuses, while the actual player can't hardly get a 3 of a kind. It sucks! Uninstalled! Don't waste your time!
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Review by GuestFeb 2nd 2018
Blane T Goulding Despite the game locking on some screens and it being glitchy along with the issue of not being able to choose my dice anymore I was committed and played regularly. I spent my hard earned cash to play.They rolled out Endzone rush and I won a lot. I was just about midway just past where you win 65 rolls . I had 2000 bonus rolls from playing Endzone and I had 500 points (about half way) so you know I put a lot of time and effort in(5pts for a win 1 pt for a loss). So I log in yesterday only to get a message that they have taken all of my winnings and gave me 72 bonus rolls as compensation.Essentially for all my effort i played probably 200 Endzone rounds I get stolen from and tossed a highly inadequate bone. These guys are greedy thieves and i am boycotting this game. I don't care if they made a programming error that is their error and they should accept their loss not access my account and take my hard earned bonus rolls. They put this game out so how am i responsible for their error and what gives them the right to strip my account of over 2000 bonus rolls? I won based on the rules they put forward so even if it was a an error that error is their responsibility not mine. Fix your error and cut your losses but don't shake me down, steal 2000 bonus rolls from my account and insult me with a reward of 72 bonus rolls. These guys can't take responsibility for their own programming maybe they shouldn't be in this business. DON'T PLAY THIS GAME!
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Review by GuestJan 21st 2018
The dice claw is TERRIBLE!! Spent 21 tokens today to get my Vikings dice. 3 of which I BOUGHT!! What I received were 3 Panthers, 3 UGLY referee dice and 1 Texans!!! And this is the 2nd time around I've tried for them.Wanted Steelers and Seahawks also. Received FIVE stadiums, 2 playbooks , 2 goal posts, 1 ugly coach headphones and a few other teams!! No control at all over hard earned tokens!! This makes me not want to play New Yahtzee at all!! And I have over 100,000 useless diamonds. Thumbs down on the claw!!
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Review by GuestJan 18th 2018
I Like the graphics. Very confusing. Don't like the prize claw. I want to know what dice I'm using my tokens on. I liked getting the diamonds. I don't like that they open more then one album at a time. The list goes on
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