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My Talking Angela Too Cute for Words

My Talking Angela is part of a wider series of app/games in the Talking Tom series - a game sub-genre aimed primarily at children whose focus is a very cute interactive baby kitten who sort of grows up as you play with them - and play is a combination of care-giving and activities that are meant to entertain the kitten while also entertaining the player..

The strength of the game is found in its two-way interaction that uses both the microphone built into your device and its net connection for voice commands and social interaction via the Facebook network.

The series is incredibly popular, having been downloaded something like a billion times in the past four years, though it has had its issues, including some rather nasty rumors about its origins that proved not to be true.

It should also be noted that while this is an older game in terms of release time, the current version is really a heavily re-worked and improved updated game, and that bears mentioning.

That said, due to the interactive capabilities of the game it is one of those games that parents should really closely supervise play on.

The game is free to download, and free to play, and is supported by a combination of in-game purchases and advertising. Actually the advertising is pretty aggressive considering that it is a game that is aimed at children or at least a younger audience - though we suspect that the overly cute theme of the game will cause it to have a larger than usual cross-over adult fan base as well.

In-Game Purchases are found via the balance icon displays - next to each being a plus sign that you can press to open the purchase screens.

For example if you are low on Coins and do not want to play to get them you can tap the Plus Symbol and you are then presented with a choice of 4K Coins for 50 Gems, 11K Coins for 125 Gems, and so on. For $1.99 in real-world money you can double the amount of Coins you earn for in-game play.

You don't actually have to spend real-world money though - there is an entire section for obtaining “free” Coins for doing things like logging in with Facebook, reading the game newsletter, or authorizing push notifications.

While Coins have lots of alternative sourcing Gems do not. As Gems are a more powerful in-game currency they can only be obtained in very small amounts for actual in-game activities, as obtaining them in larger amounts requires real-money trade.

The bonus side though to purchase of Gems is that any Gem Purchase will also turn off advertising in the game! So for example if you spend $1.99 to buy 50 Gems it will also in effect remove the advertising from the game. 150 Gems is $4.99, 640 Gems is $19.99, 1,400 Gems is $39.99 and 4K Gems is $99.99 - and all of those selections remove advertising.

Ads take the form of in-your-face banners that appear along the top edge of the screen, as well as videos that the player is rewarded for watching - a typical reward might be a gem for watching a video that advertises another game or a product that gamer parents might be interested in...

There are two basic types of in-game currency - gold coins and gems. Coins are used for buying various items and objects like food, toys, clothing, and the like, while gems are used for the purchase of special items such as potions.

Potions in the game come in a variety of types and are generally used to substitute time for gems. What we mean by that is that you can use potions to fill meters that you would ordinarily fill by spending time in the different activities in the game - hence the exchange of potions for time.

The two most often used potion avialable in the Potion Store are Energy Potions (sleep), and Hungry Potions (food). There are also very special potions that alter the character itself - a Baby potion to instantly turn your pet back into a Baby, and Adult Potion, that do the same thing but instead make them an Adult. Finally there is the Max Potion, which instantly fills all of your character needs in one go.

Game play begins with the birth of your new kitten friend, and then progresses with caring for them, feeding and playing with them, keeping them clean, and to some extent educating them. As your kitten friend eats and plays they eventually grow up - the different stages or levels in the game corresponding roughly to that growing process.

The older they get the more that they can do - but even when they are younger the player will find themselves doing side-games and other activities in order to earn the in-game money required to help support their pet and acquire the resources that they need - like shopping for groceries or buying accessories and toys.

Along the bottom of the play screen are activity icons - buttons that the player uses to enter the different areas of the game. These include the Smiley Face Icon (mood), Knife and Fork (Feeding), Shower Head (Hygiene), and the Moon and Stars (Rest).

There are also icons for Shopping, Messaging via Facebook connectivity, Special Potions that can be used to age your kitten quickly, and status icons like your coin bank total, gems total, and other information based content.

The mini-games included range from Bubble Splash (a match-three ball game in which you use a canon to launch colored balls to try to match up three or more to score), Brick Breaker (A Break-Out style game), and Tiny Puzzles (A Tetris-like physical puzzle in which you use different shapes to create blocks), all of which are very entertaining and good for game fun in bite-sized chunks that is perfect for the mobile platform.

The scores obtained in playing the mini-games result in the award of in-game coin that is used to buy the many different objects that are needed for the care and entertainment of your kitten!

When you level up you are presented with two basic rewards, the first being a packet of collectible stickers that you can open and place in the sticker album, the second being some sort of game play expansion or new object, task, or activity.

The graphical presentation and game world - like the music and sound effects - reminds us of the better made Japanese anime shorts that used to be popular on the Internet back before YouTube became the Mouse that Roared.

Naturally the quality of the animation is very important to the wizards who created the game, and so great effort was made into seamlessly integrating the animation and sound so that they do not risk breaking the suspension of disbelief that is critical for this sort of game play experience.

The player is meant to feel like they have in their hands a window into this other world in which their pet and friend - this little too cute kitten - lives and through which they interact with them, and the game and its graphics and sound mechanics very nicely props up this view!

One of the more annoying aspects of this however is the efforts that the wizards have gone to to promote the original game that established the series - Talking Tom - going so far as to place a larger-than-is-quite-right image of Tom's head in your main game play screen in the attempt to induce the player into tapping that and, obviously, downloading and playing that game too.

We say this is unfortunate because while the two games are part of the same series, the vibe we get from My Talking Angela is very different than the one you get from Tom - the former being a cute feel-good game play experience that is sort of soft and furry, while the latter is a mischievous adventure with a slightly harder edge to it.

In terms of value for cost the balance clearly falls to the player in this particular exchange, because while there is a dedicated effort to convince the player (or perhaps get the player to convince their parents to spend money which is not quite the same thing) to spend money, in the end this free-to-play game offers far more entertainment than we have come to expect from that genre.

That said, this is NOT an electronic baby-sitter app/game and should not be considered as such. Some supervision is going to be necessary. The dynamic lessons though that can be taught through what is arguably game play fun - which span responsibility of care, economics, and entertainment - are such that they certainly factor as a major element in valuing this game.

After giving it a serious play through we feel that My Talking Angela earned a solid 4-Stars and is one of the better games in the newly-revamped and re-released categories.
4.0 / 5.0
review by CMBF | Jan 12th 2015

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Review by GuestJun 9th 2021
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Review by GuestJun 13th 2019
I think its good but I prefer talking tom
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Review by GuestJan 7th 2019
This better than my talkin tom
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Review by GuestJul 3rd 2018
It is really fun and a good time consumer
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Review by GuestMay 10th 2015
I'm playing this game, it's good... I'm on the 53rd level but since level 30 my angela is growing up....... I dont know what is the issue. Initially it was growing for every 10th level.
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